Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Yellow Pillow

I have been following the discussion at Molli Sparkles on cost of quilts with great interest.   I don't sell quilts, or have any plans to do so in the future, but it does not mean I don't think about what they are worth.

One thing I had never really thought of, though, was the value of a pillow.  If you have been following me, you know I have made lots and lots of pillows for my kids to give at birthday parties.  You know, instead of buying a $15 gift from Walmart...

I almost fell down from my chair when I read this post and realized I've been giving $75 birthday gifts!

That hasn't stopped me, though, and here is the last one I made:

I purposely did not enquire as to this little girls favourite colours... I did not feel like making a pink and purple one!  I really hope she likes yellow!  It is bright and cheerful and I don't know many little kids who don't love to see their name written on something. 

The back is a print that been In my stash forever.  It makes me smile every time I see it, so it's time to use it to hopefully bring smiles in other people!

I was not too happy with the quilting, for a couple reasons. First, I did not have a good batting scrap the right size on hand so I used flannel instead, and that turned out too flat.  The quilting really did not stand out.  I did a first run with a pale yellow Aurifil thread in 50 wt - my favourite - but you could barely see the quilting.  I changed my thread for a thicker, darker variegated yellow, but it really did not add much.  It was certainly not my best work. 

All this said, my daughter gave it her seal of approval, and I am fairly confident that the young recipient will not be too critical of my quilting.

In other quilting news, my bee block for April was done and mail on time:

and now I am off to make curved improv log cabins for May... wish me luck!