Bonjour! I'm Dominique.  I am so glad you're here!

My stitching story

My first stitching experience was with needlepoint.  Here is my very first project, which is now proudly displayed in my sewing room:

My mom tells me I was about 4 years old when I made this.  I know it sounds unbelievable but it must be true since I have no recollection whatsoever of actually making this.  I just remember having made it.

My needlepoint career only lasted two more projects.  Then came crochet, but that didn't last too long either.  I am sure somewhere out there is a doily I made... There was also a short-lived attempt at knitting, which is documented in a picture:  

I'm the one on the right, with my sister on the left.  Don't you just love the lamp and the wallpaper on the ceiling?  I still own those chairs, by the way.

From neddlepoint to sewing

The one thing that did take off was sewing.  My mom taught me how to sew when I was 13.  My first project was a shapeless, sleeveless fleece top that was nothing to brag about, but by the time I was 14, I was sewing pants.  Lots of pants.  Plaid pants.  Cargo pants.  Sweat pants.  Pyjama pants.  Shorts.  Boxer shorts.  Bermudas... I am not exaggerating when I say I have made at least one hundred pairs of pants.  Here is my very first pair.  I can't believe I am wearing a tie.  Weren't the 80s great for fashion?

From sewing to quilting

When family and friends started having babies, I slowed down the pants production and started making tied blankets.  Even when I moved out on my own with no access to a sewing machine, I would slap two pieces of cotton together with batting in the middle, and hand stitch the edges.

It was a happy day when I bought my first sewing machine!  I started cutting up 4" squares using scissors and a cardboard template - I had never heard of a rotary cutter - with great intentions to make a quilt for my bed - a queen size no less!  Well, I gave up after 5 rows and it became my very first UFO! 

Years later, I dug it out of a bin, made a vertical cut in the 5 rows, sewed them back together, added a couple borders, tied it and made this for a dear friend's daughter:

It's not a great picture, but I am just glad I thought of taking it... I wish I had a picture of all the quilts I made and gave away...

My First Quilt

But I am getting ahead of myself... What I consider to be my first quilt was also a work in progress for many, many years.  I started making blocks for a baby quilt for my first child long before the said first child was born.  Or conceived.  And for that matter, well before I met his father.  By the time I got pregnant, I had most of the blocks made, and when baby came along, I had my first "real quilt" made with love for him:

All the fabrics are flannel and most are scraps from pyjamas I made for my nieces and nephews, friends, and other family members.  I still love to look at it and remember the other projects that I made.

Eventually, I took a hand quilting workshop, learned to do a proper binding, realized that I could actually buy fabric without having an immediate project in mind (uh-oh...), and the rest is history.

Add blogging to the mix...

So, why this blog?  As a working mom of three who likes to quilt and keep in shape, I figured I wasn't quite busy enough, so I thought, "what the heck, I'll just start blogging in my spare time".

Seriously, I blame was inspired by my friend M-R who, through her blog, introduced me to the wonderful world of modern quilting and the blogging community.  After lurking for a couple years, it was only a matter of time.  Then Jenn made a presentation to our guild which made me realize that blogging did not have to be a full-time gig.  That's all I needed.  I was ready to take the plunge!

I blog to document my quilting projects and adventures, to keep myself accountable, and to be part of a community that never ceases to inspire me.  It's a learning experience for sure, but I am enjoying it.

I would love to hear from you.  Please drop me a line to introduce yourself and tell me you were here!



  1. Hi Dominique: I thought I would let you know I dropped by here. Very interesting quilting history. You are a good story teller.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story and YES! I think the 80's were a spectacular decade for fashion.

  3. I was here :) I blame (was inspired by) Jenn for both picking up quilting and blogging about it. Love her to bits for that :)


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