Friday, 21 February 2014

A Robot Cushion

Happy Friday!  I have been plugging away at my plus blocks and watching way too much Olympics (that women's hockey game yesterday was quite something! I'll be up early Sunday watching our boys play) so I have little to show for my last two weeks of sewing.

But I do have one finish,  Someone is going to a birthday party and I thought this birthday boy would love to have his own personalized robot cushion.

This required a bit more effort than my usual patchwork  - I worked several evenings on it - but I enjoyed the change.  The embroidery is free motion on the machine, and the appliqués are secured with a tiny zigzag stitch.  It was a bit of a pain to change the thread every time I switched colours, but it was well worth the few extra minutes.

I still love making cushions, but I think the next one will have to be simple squares...

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

All Over Plus

The "Plus" block...

I had seen it before, but it had not really caught my eye until Chelsea, my bee mate and February Queen Bee asked for one.

After I made one, two, three on the week end, I could not get the idea of a "Plus" quilt off my mind, so tonight, I started cutting.  I have enough low volume fabrics cut for about 10 blocks, plus a couple bright prints for the plus signs.

That's not counting the two that I made at the end of my little cutting session.  Could not leave the room without spending some quality time at the machine.

Needless to say, I am enjoying this project immensely.  And needless to say, none of my neglected WIPs are being worked on...

Wanna see great examples of "Plus" quilts? have a look at Adrianne's and Rachel's versions.

Hope you are working on a fabulous project that excites you!

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Purple? Me?

Saturday, the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild had its first Sew In.  I was only able to attend for a few hours, but I had lots of fun and I am happy with my day of work.
First off, my Canadians Quilt {bee} block.  I made a couple extras for me... I just could not stop after one.  Not quite sure which one I will send to my bee mate - likely the red or the orange because she asked for bright "plus" and the middle one is a bit on the light side.

Other project... a pillow.   Are you surprised?

Now, before I show you the result, I have to say that I am pretty indifferent to this whole Pantone Colour of the Year thing.  I just don't know what the fuss is all about.  Pantone says Radiant Orchid is in, and we are all supposed to start quilting in purple? 

Coincidentally, I was going to make another birthday cushion, for my favourite 12 year old.  When asked about her favourite colours and patterns/themes, she said "purple" and "zebra".

I did not have much purple in my stash (and definitely no zebra), so a little trip to my local quilt shop was in order.  (I may have broken my Fabric Fast resolution just a tad, but it was for a good cause!).  I did not find an actual zebra print, but I found these instead:

So, purple lovers out there... how did I do?

My normal size for cushions is 14" or 16", but this girl deserved a bigger pillow, so I used a 20" form.  My original plan was for 5 columns of 10 rectangle 2" x 4" (minus the larger rectangle for the name).  However, I forgot the number one rule of sewing stripes:  make the stripes slightly wider than desired, trim after they are sewn together.   I did not do that, and my strips ended up too small, hence the vertical purple strip in the middle.  As for the horizontal lilac stripe on the bottom, well I guess it's a seam allowance issue.  We'll call those design elements...

For the back, I did a zipper closure.  Oh and I used a piece of the funky zebra-type print, just for fun.  I am loving this back!

One side of the zipper is close to perfection.  The other one, not so much.  I decided I could live with that...

I quilted "straight" lines about 3/4 inches apart.  They are definitely "organic" lines (aka not so straight).

Another unintentional "design element": I ran out of one colour thread and had to move on to another...

I never get tired of these pillows.  So satisfying!  I bet my husband is happy I am actually making them for other people, and not to dress up our couches!
Now this purple thing is starting to grow on me...  What about you?
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