Finished Quilts 2013 to 2015

2015 - A Not-So-Quiet Christmas Quilt, blogged here.

2015 - Happy Quilt blogged here.

2015 - A nameless (for now) quilt blogged here.

2015 - A Blue Green baby quilt blogged here.

2015 - Quilt for my daughter blogged here.

2014 - PLUS, a wedding quilt for L and T, blogged here

2014 - Hard Rock Picnic Quilt blogged here

2014 - Colourful Scraps Improv quilt blogged here

2013 - Wedding Quilt for K and P, blogged here (main post), here, here , here, and here.

2013 - Boyish Boy Quilt blogged here

2013 - Girly Girl Quilt blogged here
 2013 - Up, Up and Away blogged here

2013 - Ruby Four Squares blogged here

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