Thursday, 7 August 2014

More Shop Talk and a Simple Vintage Sheet Project

In Tuesday's post I talked about my visit to Patch Halifax.  I had forgotten my camera but owner Chris promised to send me a few pictures.  However, because of a typo in my email address, someone random person in cyberspace received the pics and is wondering what to make of them! 

Anyway, I have the pictures now... here I am, holding the very first purchase made on opening day.

First Customer!

I think Chris was happy to have a customer within minutes of opening!  I know she's had many more that day, including a few fellow members of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.

Me and Chris

Oh and speaking of the guild, we are delighted that our monthly meetings are moving to this delightful space at the back of Patch.  Thanks Chris!

Patch Halifax

But enough of the shop talk.  Let's talk vintage sheets.  I have a fondness for vintage sheets, as evidenced by these quilts (blogged here):

Orange Julep

I should have called this one Mint Julep, to keep up with the theme...

The good thing about collecting vintage sheets is that people just give you vintage sheets.  I have not bought any for a while, but somehow people just like to get them out of their closets and send them my way.  I am not complaining.

Although I am not too fond of kids sheets with cartoon characters, I can always make an exception for this guy:
Who doesn't like Snoopy?

That sheet is great and in good condition (quite unusual for a fitted sheet).  Except that it does not really go with any other sheets I have (the flowery 1970s ones)...  What's a girl to do?  But, wait a minute, look at this fabric collecting dust since the beginning of times.  What is that?

Really?  What was I thinking?

I'll tell you what that is.  That is a perfect backing for the Snoopy sheet.  These two were made for each other...

They're even better together in real life!

I cut a piece of the sheet the size of the backing (I only had one meter), layered them with a piece of batting and quilted loops with a nice variegated thread (another perfect match) on the backing and white on top.  On second thought, I could have used the variegated thread on the top too.

Perfect match!

I have since added a darker blue binding which I still need to hand stitch - I love hand stitching binding.  I am not kidding myself, this is not a heirloom quilt.  I even hesitate to call it a quilt - I think blanket might be more appropriate... yet, it was quite satisfying to make, and it will make some kid happy.  As an added bonus, I have a portable project to take with me next time I am going on a business trip.

Who is your favourite Peanuts character?


  1. That shop looks beautiful! The vintage quilts are gorgeous too. I like vintage and of course my favourite character has to be Lucy ;)

  2. What an awesome space to hold our meetings. Thanks so much to Chris. Love your Orange Julep quilt. I am a fan of vintage sheets and I have only a few. Snoopy is my favourite Peanuts character.

  3. Love Snoopy. I think I need to start asking friends for vintage sheets.

  4. Hi there! I have yet to show up for a guild meeting but still plan too. I have a huge thing for vintage sheets, in fact I've been working on one quilt with vintage sheets for at least six months! Maybe we could do a swap sometime!


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