Friday, 6 March 2015


Do you sometime struggle to get the motivation going?  Love sewing but can't seem to make time for it?

I "forced" myself down to my sewing room after a two week hiatus.  One week away and one week just thinking "I should be sewing right now" and somehow not making it happen. But as I entered my (messy) room and saw all the bits and pieces of pretty fabric, and it really wasn't hard.

On the program today, finishing my scrappy mountain blocks:

I am still undecided about the layout, but after looking at my pictures of this post, I wasn't quite feeling the "allover scrappy".  I needed some "order" to tone down all that scrapiness and that movement.

So I started sewing pairs together.  It still leaves me with several layout options:

Option 1

Option 2
Option 3

Option 4

I am glad I took these pictures because I just could not make up my mind from looking at the design wall.  Now, I can probably eliminate 1 and 4 because I am not fond of the vertical lines they create.    It's between 2 and 3 with a slight preference for number 2.  A little scrappy, a little order... it has the right balance for me.

Going back to my initial theme... One of my favourite running quotes is "the hardest step for a runner is the first one out of the front door".  This is not unlike quilting for me.  If I make it to the room, chances are I will get into the zone and have a wonderful time, whether it is actually sewing or just playing with fabric.  The hardest 20 steps are the ones that separate me from my kitchen to the sewing room door.

Do you run into motivation dry spells?  How do you get over it?


  1. Great post! I tend to run out of motivation after completing a particularly long or complex project. It usually takes a deadline such as the birth of a new baby who needs a quilt to get me back in the sewing room. I love layout 2 by the way! :-)

  2. I vote Option #3! :) As if you were doing a survey...
    I don't really struggle with motivation to sew. It's an escape for me. But I do find that having a list of WIPs and "Wanna makes" keeps me moving toward finishing projects. I found the 4x7 Challenge put on by Barn Berry Designs to be a helpful motivation for the month of February and am hoping to keep making some studio time at least 30 minutes a day a few times a week.

  3. My choices are #2 and #3, leaning to #2. I agree with Jenn. I have my list of things to do, and I found from the Feb challenge to break projects into smaller pieces, so you can try to do "something" daily. Good luck.

  4. Option 3 :) I don't seem to have motivation struggles, but I don't have work/family commitments either so every day is a sew day, if I choose it to be :)

  5. I struggle with motivation all the time. Like yesterday for example. I spent an amazing day sewing at the MMQG Improv Workshop and came home all pumped to set up the sewing machine again and keep going. And then I didn't. I did other things, chastised myself for not going to the sewing room and promised to get back at it today. It is now 6 pm and still no quilting. Why? Who knows? It happens. I am just grateful for when I feel the groove.

  6. Hi Dominique! I was just snooping around. Have not been able to take that "step" this morning myself. I sometimes struggle with this too. During my first years of quilting, it seems I was rushing through it all. Now I spend a lot more time in the planning leading up to the doing. I like your layout #3 the best. It is the most interesting with great secondary movement leading you across the quilt from side to side with the chevron like layout of those great blocks. It's been 22 days since you posted this... So I am left wondering.... Have you made any progress on these?


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