Monday, 18 May 2015

To Bahamas With Love

A while ago, I posted a story about some scraps that my husband brought back from a work trip to the Bahamas.

Essentially, he happened to mention to a bartender that he was hoping to do some fabric shopping for me and the bartender informed him that there were no fabric store nearby but got someone to tend the bar for him, went home and returned a few minutes later with these:

According to my husband, the gentleman seemed quite happy to get a bag full of scraps out of his house... which always had me wonder: did the lady of the house know that her mister was giving away her precious scraps to random bar customers?

Fast forward two years, my husband returned to the same location, so I grabbed one of the luggage tags (my tutorial here) I had made with the new-to-me scraps, and whipped up another one with my own scraps.  Notice anything different?  The fabric edge of the plastic thingy was a nice suggestion by my bloggy friend Debbie from Shadows of the Blue Ridge who used my tutorial and made it better.

My husband went back to the same bar, and sure enough the scrap-giving bartender is still there.  And now, he has two luggage tags to give to the lady.  Or not.


  1. Ha ha, that's good! Did Warren ask him if he had asked his partner's permission? Great tags, Dom!

  2. Such lovely scraps, what luck you have! Hopefully the original scrap owner didn't mind parting with them too much. At least you sent back a little project later on as a thank you! :)

  3. Lovely story Dominique! xx

  4. Yes.... I'd be wondering the same thing about whether the lady of the house knew her scraps were being given away. But given that the bartender is still alive today.... Both of those luggage tags are so pretty!


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