Saturday, 4 July 2015


It's swapping time again!  Last Winter, my guild, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, had a successful zippered pouch swap with MQG Victoria.  This time, we are swapping pillows with the Edmonton MQG.

Here's mine:

It was hard to get a good picture today.  I know it's kind of weird to take a picture on the the deck, but this is the best I could do inside:

I enjoyed quilting the pebbles but the amount of time it took reminded me never to attempt quilting pebbles on a full size quilt !

I used some leftover bits on the back and inserted a small piece of batting behind the colour bar, and quilted just a few more pebbles.  The rest of the envelope back is plain and unquilted.

 I used velcro for the closure and used permanent ink to include some details.

I hope the recipient likes it.  I am looking forward to receiving my own pillow!

Have you ever participated in a swap?


  1. I love the little flyaway square, it's such a cute touch to make this pillow so much more interesting! That was a great idea! :)

  2. This looks awesome! I too love the fly away square... such a fun detail. The pebbling takes a really long time and lots of thread, but the results are fantastic. I love that you added some to the back too. Very nice finish.

  3. Love your pillow designs both front and back. Very creative label placement. Look forward to seeing what your partner made you.

  4. It's a lovely cushion - sorry, I am English! I think it is stunning and I love all the pebble quilting. The recipient is going to be so pleased. I look forward to seeing what you receive. xx

  5. Looks great. I like the closure on the back.

  6. Awesome cushion Dominique! Love everything about it. Love that you have hand written details included on it.

  7. Your pillow is beautiful! Love the quilting!

  8. I lovely the sneaky little note! And the pebbling looks fabulous. I take pics on the deck all the time. Sometimes indoor light just won't cut it!


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