Friday, 15 January 2016

1. 2. 3. Pouch!

It's a triple zippered pouch finish!

Last time my oldest went on an overnight trip, I packed his toothbrush and toothpaste in a ziploc bag.  Sad!  Then it occurred to me.  This kid needs a zippered pouch, and mama's going to make him one.

I knew I wanted to line the interior of the pouch with some black and white laminated fabric, and since I had enough to line two pouches, I decided to make a pouch for my middle guy as well.

Kid #1 likes orange and other bright colours.  I used these funky circles that have been languishing on a shelf for a few years, and don't play well with the rest of my stash.  I realize this fabric may not "age" very well, but I am not thinking long term.  It's just a pouch, after all, and this kid looses stuff all the time anyway.

Kid #2 loves purple.  He is a bit more careful with his things, so the pouch will probably last him a long time, so I was looking for purple fabric that would still appeal to him when he is a bit older.  I had just the thing!  These purple and red stripes came in a bundle which I had set aside for vague future plans, but I decided to follow my Use the Good Stuff motto.

It wasn't long before I had two pouches done.

For the observant ones, yes, a different zipper... to match the reclaimed ribbon I used as a "handle"

I actually appliqué'd their initial on one side, which I am purposely not showing, though you can see a tiny bit on the one below.

Well, kid #3 quickly realized she was the only one without a zippered pouch and started complaining campaigning for one.  I was happy to oblige.

Like many little girls, she lo-o-o-o-o-ves pink.  I have nothing against pink, in fact, I quite like it myself, but I really try to introduce some variety in her world.  I was thinking bright red and yellow, but...

I took her with me when I went to buy laminated fabric and zippers.  She did not know what these supplies were for, but when I grabbed a red zipper, she insisted that she wanted me to buy a pink one...  Now, I don't usually let my six year old dictate my purchases, but given that the pouch was for her, the pink zipper came home and a different fabric was chosen. 

Don't you just love the interior?

She is tickled pink with her brand new zippered pouch.

So there!  All three kids are now set to carry their own toothbrushes with lots of room for future grooming products (sigh!).

Use the Good Stuff Report #2

There was no right or wrong fabrics to use for these pouches. I could have gone with any number of different options that would have been equally nice.  None of the ones I chose are among the favourites in my stash, but it's not like I made any big compromise either.   The good think about the "Use the Good Stuff" motto is that it simply forced me to think about my choices.

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  1. LOVE! And you can always use a zipper pouch, I have a ton of them kicking around. They are all full of something!

  2. Nothing beats a good zipper pouch! I really like how they are waterproof on the inside, such a great idea!

  3. Great idea Dominique, to give your kids laminate lined zipper pouches. Any tips for sewing with laminate?

  4. Your kids will be the most stylish around when they pull those pouches from their bags :)

  5. All great pouches. I need to meet Kid #1, although I might steal his orange pouch.....hmmm.... What pattern did you use?

  6. Nothing wrong with toiletries packed in a Ziploc bag. It's very Girl Guide. :) But these zipper pouches are definitely more classy. The laminate on the inside was an excellent idea. I might have to steal that tip to use up some of the scraps from my project this week. And I LOVE that you included a UTGS report in your post! I feel like you need a little logo for that!

  7. Great pouches! I like the fabric choices and laminated fabric on the inside is such a good idea. Is it harder to sew with it?

  8. Three great pouches - great idea. xx

  9. Great idea to use laminate fabric inside! I never thought of doing that...I'll tuck it away for future pouches. Isn't it sweet to make things for your littles :o) And, I do love that fabric on the inside of your daughters pouch - very pretty!

  10. Fun, fun, fun! I like how you think! A laminated lining is the perfect idea!

  11. I like how you think! A laminated lining is the perfect idea!



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