Saturday, 6 February 2016

Scrappy Mountains - A Finished Quilt

Here's my first finish of 2016!

It's technically a January finish.  I've put the last stitch on this baby last Sunday on my flight back from Montreal, as evidenced below...

... but a dark and rainy week made it impossible to take decent pictures.  Snow + Sun today made for a good photo shoot, though the wind was a challenge.

This quilt has been one year in the making.  Inspired by the bee blocks  requested by my Canadians Quilt Bee 2015 bee mate Shena of Apple Pie Patchwork, I set out to make 100 blocks (they are made in sets of 2). There are different tutorials for that block.  I used Shena's tutorial found here.

My MMQG pals helped me decide how to quilt it and provided encouragement as I started quilting during a Sew-in...  Man, that thing was a beast to quilt!

I went with outline quilting of the bright mountains and meandering in the low volume reversed mountains, all with a light beige Aurifil thread.

For the binding, I requested opinions in an earlier post.  Lorna, of Sew Fresh Quilt, was the only  commenter who broke from rank and did not pick one of the choices I gave.  Instead, she suggested a low volume binding, which I thought was brilliant.  Of course, I had to put my own little twist on it, so I included a small red section.  Can you spot it?

The backing is a giant scrappy mountain to which I added a few extra strips.  I used the same method as for the blocks - which was a mistake.  Because of the large size, it was awkward to work as a single block.  It would have been less time consuming to just use strips and sew them at an angle.  Regardless, the result is the same, and kind of fun.

I have yet to decide where this quilt is going to live.  I love it so part of me wants to keep it, but I am wondering if I should save it for a gift.  I have a couple quilt-worthy people I can think of.  So while I ponder this question, here are a few more pictures:

Quilt roll before wash...

...and quilt roll after wash.

Oh, the post-wash texture...

And one last shot, the usual hammock picture:

I seem to have found my quilty groove again... so on that note, I am off to quilt some more!


  1. It is just a scrappy delight! An awesome quilt! I would have a hard time giving it away. The binding is perfect and yes, I see your little splash of red. very nice.

  2. I love it! I like that you make a large block for the back. Great finish.

  3. What a gorgeous scrap quilt! I love how you made a giant version of the block for your backing. Awesome!

  4. Your quilt is fabulous! Mine is only half together. I really should finish it one of these days. The L.V. binding was a great idea.

  5. It turned out absolutely wonderful! I agree, the low volume binding was spot on and an awesome suggestion. It would be hard for me to give this one away, it's right up my alley with the low volume combined with bold color! :)

  6. Send it to me:-) It is beautiful!

  7. Love, love, love your quilt! Great way to do the backing too!

  8. What a great January/February finish! So bright and happy, just what is needed mid winter :)

  9. I have loved this quilt since you started. I want to make one. Glad to hear your quilty groove is back!

  10. I have loved this quilt since you started. I want to make one. Glad to hear your quilty groove is back!

  11. Great finish! I love the binding - it was a really good idea!

  12. Your Delectable Mountains turned out so nice! I really want to make one of these.

  13. Honestly speaking, I have seen this quilt pattern so many times. But this is the first time, it has made me smile :-) It is because your choice of bright, happy colors makes it come alive :-) So glad that you have your mojo back. If you ever lose it again, come talk to me.

  14. Love your scrappy version!! I think it's a keeper! This pattern has so many options... check out this version:

    I only just realized it was the same pattern!!!

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