Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How many is too many?

Is it Friday yet?  No? Great because I don't have a finish to share.  What I have is a ridiculous number of works in progress.  This time with pictures.

Let's see... in no particular order

1. The solid improv blocks I was so excited about the other day?  Still excited, but must put on the back burner while I await true scraps in other colours.

2. Before I started working on the solid blocks, I had been doing improvisational piecing with other scraps.  I'm not going to lie to you, some of these scraps were pretty ugly!  Not quite sure where I am going with this, and I can't see myself making too many more of those.  I bet there will be a lot of negative space...  I took a picture on a gray play mat.  Gives me an idea about the background...  I need to bring some order to these blocks.

3. Star Quilt.  6 blocks done, 6 more to go, plus border/background.  The more I play with this, the more I like it.

4. In my part of the world, quilts are for summer.  In the winter, we sleep under big duvets or woolen blankets.  I was hoping to baste, quilt and bind this baby before the end of the summer... I never specified which summer.  I am definitely loving the colours.  I had bee hoarding some of those fabrics for far too long, and it felt good to cut into them, finally!  

5. The following was inspired by this quilt. I paper pieced my blocks (they are still missing the corner triangles).  I am not sure I like it.  This is one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time"...  Looking at the picture, I see that the 3-4 darker blocks stand out in comparison to the lighter ones.  This said, it is a good way to see what colours I am missing.  Dark green for sure, maybe another yellow and some aqua...  I'm going to make another 6 blocks, hopefully for a nice baby-sized quilt and be done with it!

6. That wedding quilt... Well the other night I started working on it and pieced the backing.  I should have stopped there and gone to bed, but I was on a mission and proceeded to sandwich/pin despite being tired.  You've been there, haven't you?  

 Bad, bad idea.  The next morning, when I looked at the back, I found lots of those:

So now, I have to remove the pins, and pin the whole thing again. At least the backing is pieced!

7. And here's another sneak peak at my daughter's quilt, which I have been hand-quilting forever. 

I am hoping that the return of the hockey season will help my progress.  I rarely watch TV, but I love a good NHL game, and I like to keep my hands busy while watching it.  Plus I've become a master at sewing/quilting with frozen fingers while watching my kids play...

So... these are my "active" work-in-progress.  I can't tell you how many more are tucked away somewhere, and I know I have a gazillion new ideas.  In fact, I'll probably head down to the sewing room in a minute and find myself something completely new to work on...

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  1. Still loving those solid improv blocks! And the answer is that you can never have too many WIPs. :)

  2. I've done the whole 'baste it at night and find mistakes in the morning' thing. It's not much fun, is it? :) I think I have more WIPs than you, though. It's kind of an embarrassingly high number.


  3. The solid improv is my favorite. I'm also glad to see your hand quilting. I also hand quilt while watching NFL... so I know what you mean. Perfect time to watch and keep your hands busy. I really look forward to that time.

  4. Ha ha. I dug through my pile of WIPs to find three I might finish/work on this week. I am not counting the others. Love your improv.

  5. Loving the hand sewing you have been working on for your daughter's quilt. Keep at it! It is beautiful!


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