Wednesday 25 September 2013

Auditioning Binding

Hello!  Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

I just put together a little quilt on the week-end, for no particular reason.  A bright, pretty, girly baby/toddler quilt.  I have absolutely no need for a girly baby quilt right now, but I just felt like playing with girly fabric, and I wanted "instant" gratification.  I started cutting Saturday, and by Monday night, I was done quilting the top.  In my world, starting on Saturday and finishing quilting on Monday is really, really fast.

Here's a sneak peek:

Ah, the things you see in a picture... The quilt probably has more than 20 prints, but this picture shows a lot of repeats.  Doesn't matter... this quilt makes me smile.

So anyway... now that I am done quilting, I have to put a binding on this thing, and soon!  I am travelling next week and I need a binding to stitch to keep my hands busy on the plane.

I certainly don't want to go low volume on the binding.  I need something medium to dark to frame all those pastels.  I also want it to play nice with the backing which you see on top of each picture below.  Oh, and most importantly, it has to come from my stash which, I come to realize, has a shortage of pretty binding fabrics...

So it's down to these five:

1. This first one was my first choice.  I have actually cut the 5 strips I need from this fabric, but I am not quite committed yet.
2. Because it is quilted in a green thread (Aurifil 50wt in Pistachio), I would like to have a green binding, but this is the only thing I could find.  Are the red flowers too distracting?

3. Purple Solid? I like it with the front, but I don't think it goes well with the back. 
4. A darker shade of pink which goes really well with those flowers in the back, but maybe a bit too muted to go with the bright top...

5. Solid bubble gum pink - the photo does not do justice to this one - it is the same pink found in the paisley on the top right and top/middle left.

Well, that's it for my little dilemma.  What's your dilemma today?

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  1. That is super fast! I like the first pink the best with the last pink a close second. the green works too but a distant third.

  2. I love your first inclination, the pink stripe in the first photo--beautiful!

  3. I am a sucker for stripes. They play so well with squiggles and dots. Hands down the first one is my vote! I just love those spontaneous quilts you whip up on the spur of the moment instead of planning. They often turn out to be my favorites. All fun, no angsting over minor decisions!

  4. Wow, that is fast! And it's adorable, Dom. I like binding 1 or 2. I'm loving striped binding lately.

  5. Definitely option number one! It dances with everything else.

  6. I'm a big fan of a striped binding, but I really like the green as well. Isn't it fun making a quilt just because?

  7. Commit, Dominique! Commit! That striped binding has your quilt screaming, "I've been framed!" What a great idea for a post. I always call my son in to see my binding choices and he usually give the greatest advice. And he just turned 13!


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