Monday, 7 October 2013

A Little Travelling, a Little Shopping, a Little Mending...

A Little Travelling...

What do you call a 6 hour wait in an airport?  Uninterrupted sewing time!

I was travelling in the Toronto area last week and thankfully, I brought some sewing with me.  Everybody around me was plugged in to some sort of device or glued to their tablet.  Me? sewing a binding.  I wish there was more of us out there using their hands for something other than holding a smart phone... 

Exhibit #1 : On the plane, sewing a binding (yes, I did go for the stripes!)

A Little Shopping...

One great benefit of going to Toronto was that I finally got to visit Sew Sisters.  I was already familiar with their website and I was so pleased to visit their brick and mortar shop!  I got to meet the owner, Judy, and Carol with whom I had been in touch regarding the giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago.  The shop is located in a rather nondescript building but don't let this fool you!  The inside is very nice, and filled with yummy fabrics!  Konas, 1930s reproductions, batiks, novelty, and - yes - lots of modern fabrics too.  I was on a budget, so I had to limit myself but I was pleased with my loot:

Lovely Fat Quarters:

Cute Button (probably the first button I bought since I was a teenager)

I had actually thought of naming my blog "I run with scissors", but discovered that something very similar was already taken.  The button was hard to resist.
Wonder Clips:
These may become my favourite notion.  Why pin a binding when you can wonder clip it?

A Little Mending...

Ok, folks, I realize I am all over the place today, but I must end with a couple pictures of my most recent mending project.  Having active boys means that I am forever trying to mend worn off knees.  If you are going to be mending clothes, might as well make it fun:

What have you been up to?


  1. I was at Sew Sisters this weekend ... and bought three of the same fat quarters as you. Coincidence? Maybe just good taste on both our parts.

  2. LOL! It's a good thing for my wallet that I don't live closer to Sew Sisters! :) Good haul though and good call on the binding -- it's going to look fabulous!

  3. Yippee! I am so happy to see that you did go with the striped binding, Dominique! It looks so pretty!
    Love your repair job on the knees. Too cute! Hope you had a great trip. Your new fabric looks yummy!

  4. Don't you just love WonderClips? I wish I could be their spokesmodel! :) Totally jealous that you got to Sew Sisters... I would love to get my paws on their Kona FQs in person!


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