Monday, 10 March 2014

Something to send out, and something for me!

This month's Queen bee in the Canadians Quilt {bee} is Shena of Apple Pie Patchwork.  She asked for Birds in the Air block in Sochi colours with a scrappy low volume background.  I finally got the chance to work on it tonight.  I was originally going to just cut the pieces, but I got carried away and finished the block.  Looks complicated, but is actually easy, thanks to this tutorial.

I am pretty happy with my evening of work.  I need to give it another good pressing (the only difficult part was to press those seams open) and to trim all those threads, and off it goes to live in another house, on someone else's quilt.

Before I got the bee block done, though, I finally cut in one of my precious Liberty fabrics and made something just for me.  It took me a while to decide which one to pick...  they are all so gorgeous.

I followed this tutorial with a slight modification.  Because I only had 1 yard of the fabric, I cut to lengths of about 20" wide, and pieced them to make 2 yards x  20" (22" seemed a bit wide to me).  I was happy to see the fabric was larger than the usual 40" - 42" and as a result, I have my first Liberty scrap!  Oh! the possibilities!

Here is what the scarf looked like at first:

Uh-oh!  a bit big, don't you think?  At least for a gal my size.  It is huge!

Quick readjustment...

Now, the scarf is looped three times around my neck.  Much better length!  I will know for next time... I really don't need two yards.  48" - 50" would probably be enough for me.

It felt nice to sew something just for me!  I love this scarf! 

Before I go, I leave you with a sneak peak of the other project that has kept me busy this week. 

Come back another day for the full reveal!


  1. Kudos for cutting into the liberty. Great scarf.

  2. Great block, Dom! The scarf looks fab on you. Way to be brave in cutting up the Liberty!

  3. Your scarf is beautiful! I can't think of a better way to use Liberty :)

  4. Oooh... the Liberty got used! Looks great, Dominique! Now that you've made one infinity scarf, you'll be cranking them out. I just love them!

  5. Another great block and your Liberty cowl is wonderful.


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