Friday, 7 March 2014

Finished Plus Top

Apologies / No Apologies

Let me start by saying I make no apologies for not posting in a while.  It's my blog, and it has to work around my life, not the other way around... But I do apologize for being a bad blogger in a couple of ways.

Like linking up to TGIFF or Lorna's Let's Bee Social, telling myself  "I'll come back tomorrow to visit the other blogs" and not doing it.  Or visiting my bloggy friends and telling myself the same lie - "I'll come back to comment".  Or forgetting neglecting to post an update for The Library Project over at Adrienne's.

Has that ever happened to you?  Blogging is about connecting, and it has to work both ways.  I hope March is a better month for connecting... Both ways!

Plus Blocks and a Plus Finish

But enough about that.  Let's talk about the "Plus" blocks.

It all started when my Canadian Quilt Bee mate asked for the "Plus" block.  I made one, two, three... I just kept going.  Could not stop until I reached 32  - including those two for my bee mate: 

I saw lots of lovely quilt in a traditional setting with no sashing, but I knew I wanted something a bit different.  I came up with this idea to use the sashing to add more "plus" signs.  I asked for advice from my Maritime Modern Quilt Guild mates, and they seemed to approve.  This shows how I constructed it:

I am nowhere near finishing a whole quilt, but I am thrilled to have completed the top.  In fact, I completed it last Sunday, just in time to take outdoor pictures (then I went away for a week before having time to blog about it). 

So there it is, for your viewing pleasure.

And another one to show that it is still winter out here.  That hammock does not get too much use in the winter, but is sure is a great place to take pictures of quilts, don't you think?

Now to quilt that thing...

Linking up to TGIFF and yes, I will go take a look at what others have finished this week.  Promise!



  1. Beautiful quilt! Love how you did the sashing with crosses, too. The mix of background fabrics is perfect for the quilt! Great job!

  2. Oh Dominique this turned out lovely! I love plus blocks and I think you were right on with the sashing. And the blogging business - I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Blog when you want and about what you want. We will still be here :)

  3. I love plus quilt and your version is beautiful. I also get stuck in the lack of commenting sometimes. I like to look through blogs on my phone sometimes and it is so time consuming to comment using the iphone.

  4. It's beautiful - I love those jewel colours!

  5. How fun to pull additional pluses into the sashing! This is a great quilt all the way around :)

  6. Genius! Love that plus sashing idea, Dom! I'm a bit fan of no obligation blogging. :)

  7. LOVE it! You get an A+ for that clever design. Love the pops of colour against the neutral background! Looking forward to seeing the big finish. Got any ideas of how you plan to quilt her?

  8. Terrific idea for a scrap quilt. It looks fun and bright. Welcome back to the land of blogs. LeeAnna Paylor
    blog Not Afraid of Color!

  9. OH this is amazing! I love the sashing that you chose

  10. Lovely finish! I have a cross quilt on my ever growing list of quilts to make!

  11. Wow found you via TGIFF this is awesome. I have not seen anyone else do pluses as part of the sashing around the blocks like that. It is so so effective. Love it.

  12. The sashing makes the quilt look great. You really should try the APQ qal - you've definitely got an eye for the scrappy background ;-)

  13. This quilt is lovely! I love the scrappy feel.
    I blog when I can. I love sharing my passion with others but it is not my top priority so I agree with you not needing to apologize.

  14. Love the plus blocks, Dominique! I totally want to make some of my own... I've even bought a bunch of low volume prints to use. Don't worry about being "a bad blogger"... we all have ups and downs of productivity, commenting, etc. It is what it is. Last time I checked, there is no Blog Police! :)


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