Monday, 29 September 2014

Many hands make light work

Last winter, I finished this quilt top.

Can I finish this before there is snow again?

I cut the batting and the backing, the top was well ironed and ready to baste... but instead it got folded, then moved around, and ended up in a wrinkled bunch at the bottom of some bin.

This past week-end was my guild's monthly Sew-in.  Finally, one I could attend!  I knew just what project to bring.  This quilt was going to go from "bunched up top" to "being quilted" stage.

One large table, two packages of pins (couldn't find mine, had to buy some), borrowed masking tape (forgot mine... see a theme here?) and about 4-5 helpers made quick work of basting this quilt.  Many hands make light work.

Very thankful I did not have to baste this on my hands and knees

One good thing about Sew-in is there is is always someone to ask for a quick quilt consult.  How should I quilt this?  Should I use the light yellow or the light gray?  Most of all, though, it is the pure pleasure of being surrounded with other like-minded and creative people.

Here I am quilting away.  And check out the back of my machine... I am proudly displaying my guild's logo.  Too bad there wasn't anywhere to put that sticker in the front.

Poor quality courtesy of my ipad camera
I went with a simple outline roughly 1/4" outside of the plus signs and meandering in the low volume areas.  I am not quite sure if/how I am going to quilt the plusses.
Bernina Stitch Regulator... the only reason why I ever attempted machine quilting.

While I got quite a bit done at sew-in, I still have much more to go.   But having a project like this will keep me focused in the sewing room this week.

This photo reminds me I have to move my ironing board to the left of my machine to support the quilt's weight

I have a self-imposed deadline of 10 days to finish quilting and sewing the binding on before I am off for a little trip to Victoria BC.  I would really like something to hand stitch on that flight!  Can I get this done?



  1. of course you can do this! I love this quilt and it was so fun to work on it all together on Saturday. We should do that more often. Basting corner...bring your quilts to baste!

  2. For the plusses (is this word really exists ?), maybe just horizontal/vertical lines, 1/4 inch apart. Lot of starts and stops. Or a wavy kind of straight lines, that way you can reverse sewing without moving the quilt. Just some ideas. And I hate stippling. And I never used a stitch regulator. Good luck !

  3. Yummy! Loving the low volume back with the bright crosses. It's beautiful, Dom!


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