Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My New Apron

 - We momentarily interrupt our quilting program to talk about aprons -

Here is a very basic apron I made myself about 10 years ago.  I love the colour, but you will have to agree with me that this style really does not do the job.  It does not cover anything.  I always end up with some flour on my shirt and I can't do anything that involve grease like carving a turkey.  Which, come to think of it, is not necessarily a bad thing: my husband has the right apron for the job.
Cute, not practical
Of course, because I sew, I refuse to buy a new one.  I have been meaning to make a full length apron for a long time but never got around to do it until this past week-end.  I was puttering around the sewing room looking for an excuse not to clean up when I saw a vintage sheet that needed to be put away in its proper place.  I thought "why put it away when I could make something out of it?"

I love vintage sheets!

So I set out to make an apron, using my husband's apron as a model.  I really loved this print and I think it makes a great apron, but it lacked a little oomph!  I looked through my stash of fat quarters: browns, yellows, reds and found the perfect match: yummy cream dots on an orange-y red.

Fake action shot: the pot is empty...

On my husband's advice (the real chef in the house) I added a pocket in the front.  I am told they are useful.  For what?  I can't really see myself carrying a spatula in the pocket like I am doing in this picture (his idea, too).


My daughter loved the apron and was quite sad this was not for her, but seriously, why does she need another apron?  I made her one a couple years ago with leftover denim and another vintage sheet.  I even made her a matching head scarf!  I have this thing about not putting pictures of my kids on the blog, so my husband offered to model it for the blog.  I politely declined, so here I am again:

Believe me, it looks much cuter on her than on me!

Well, I think that is enough pictures of myself for today.

What non quilty things have you sewn recently?

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  1. Oh Dominique! You are too funny! I fully concur that the half-apron is almost useless in keeping one from getting various foodstuffs all over them. I went through my apron faze last December when I whipped up a pair for the in-laws for Christmas. I made them from heavy twill... and included a pocket (though I doubt they run around with spatulas stuck out of them)!

  2. Your vintage sheet apron reminds me of my Great Grandma who always wore an apron, well unless she was going into town. But around the house it was everyday attire. Of course she didn't look nearly as cute in it as you do, it could be the scarf!

  3. Both of your aprons are sweet as can be! Looks like you had a lot of fun sewing!

  4. Oh please have your husband model the apron and head scarf!! :D

  5. I love this post!! And the apron.

  6. Greatest post ever! Especially that you are modeling your daughters apron :)

  7. The post really made me smile....thank you!! I adore both of the aprons and yes, a pocket is good. I carry a book in mine so I can read between batches of cookies.


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