Saturday, 15 November 2014

Small Finishes

Nothing like a tight deadline to get the job done.  One of my kids is going to a birthday party tomorrow and I did not have time to make the gift before tonight.  But I got it done...
I present to you, another personalized cushion!

I did not reinvent the wheel - squares seemed like the easiest option - but I am pleased with the result.  This boys favourite colours are red, yellow, and blue.  I was surprised to find that I had enough scraps in those colours that were not flowery.  I think the boy will like it!

As the November Queen Bee in the Canadians Quilt Bee, I asked my bee mates to make me sewing machine blocks.  ANY sewing machine blocks.  I finished a second sample, this time an appliquéd antique machine.  Don't know if anyone will go for appliqué, but I think it will look great even if it's surrounded by pieced machines. 

Probably would not have hurt to iron that block...
I received my first block and I have to say, this queen bee business is really nice!
And speaking about bee blocks, here is the arrows I made for the October Queen Bee.  I don't think I would ever make a whole quilt with arrows - a bit time consuming for my liking - but actually very easy to make using this this tutorial.
Just noticed they are pointing in different direction in the picture

They may be small finishes but hey, I'll take them!

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  1. Yay for a handmade gift! I'm sure Alex with love it. Great blocks too. Still need to get started on yours, but I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Great finishes! Loving your sewing machine block

  3. Great pillow. A great gift.

  4. Small finishes are satisfying! Love the arrows too :)

  5. That cushion is fabulous - what a great gift! BTW I'm visiting from SK. ^^

  6. The cushion is perfect - I'm sure Alex will treasure it! Love all your Bee Blocks. The arrows look fun to make! Hope you get lots of new visitors from the Blogathon, Dominique.

  7. I absolutely love your arrow blocks - read the tutorial, and yes, they do seem time-consuming - but what a great accent block they could be! Going to read on down, your blog is so interesting! Visiting from Blogathon Canada hop.

  8. Some wonderful finishes , the little pillow will be adored , great choice of fabrics and those arrow blocks look a little time consuming for sure but such fun and what a neat idea to exchange sewing machine blocks , that will be fun!


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