Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Blue Green Finish

I started this Blue Green quilt last fall, just because.   I needed instant gratification.  Well, sort of, since I happily left the binding unfinished for a couple months.
Blue Green love
I was really in love with the green-blue combo.  Within the colour scheme, except for florals, anything was fair game: solids, geometrics, tone on tone, batiks, some modern and some not so much.  I like when I can use up a few of my "uglies" and make them look good! 

The quilt top came together very quickly - it's a crib size - and after a little pondering, I chose the funky sunglasses-wearing dolphins for the back.

Still not sure about the wisdom of backing a baby quilt with these slightly scary creatures...

For the quilting, I wanted something simple and geometric.  I really like what I came up with.  It looks like individual squares with one vertical line, but if you look closer, you will see that each column is quilted in a continuous line.  So easy, and great texture too!

You can see that I was not shooting for perfection here...

The method...

Quilting went like a charm.  I could have finished it right away, but whatever little hand stitching time I had was taken up by hand quilting this quilt, so I saved it for a rainy snowy day.

This week end, we've been hit by a couple snow storms so with three days stuck in the house, I not only found time to finish the quilt, but I got the perfect backdrop for pictures!

The wind... this quilt has a life of its own!
Ah! Better!

I am not kidding when I say we had a lot of snow.  Here's what I did just after the photo shoot...

Gotta love Canadian winters...
Not sure where this quilt will end up, but for now, it's in my "reserve".  The finished baby quilt stack was looking a little too girly, but now, I am prepared for the next occasion where a gender neutral or baby boy quilt is required.

The perfect backdrop

And I can't resist inserting a picture of the quilt roll...

In parting, here it is after a spin in the washer and dryer:

All nice and crinkled!

That's my finish for February.  I did not join any finish-a-long, or make any list, but with two finishes in two months, I'd say 2015 is off to a good start!

Linking up to TGIFF at the Carpenter's daughter who quilts and Finish Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. I love the colours here. The patchwork really let's them shine

  2. I really appreciate your "the method" drawing. Sometimes it take a lot of time to figure out what is the perfect path for quilting.

  3. So glad to see it finished. Love the quilting technique. And yes, we've had a lot of snow...sigh...

  4. Awesome finish! Blues and greens are so gorgeous!

  5. It's a great finish! What's on the agenda for March?

  6. I love that colour combo - very nice finish. And I agree with Chantal - giving us that drawing is fabulous! I might give this a try!

  7. You can't go wrong with blues and greens! Great finish :) I've been hibernating and haven't ventured outside in days... and yay, it's snowing again errrrrrgggggg :)

  8. Another lovely finish. Dominique. So many great fabrics in there. Those dolphins are... interesting :) I always love when you roll up your quilts for a pic and say to myself "Must do that..." and then promptly forget when doing next photo shoot!

  9. It's very cute! Oh, and the backing ... That reminds me, a few years ago, we took my daughter in law and her family for a boat ride and one of her son lost his sunglasses, they fell in the water. Since then, my husband tells him sometimes when he goes to sea, he see a dolphin wearing blue sunglasses ... Where do you have the support fabric?

  10. Oh, I love your binding choice! I had to laugh at your backing, though. That would be my exact thought!
    Although you may inspire the next Jacque Cousteau by imprinting on that baby's brain.


  11. Beautiful!!! The backing is scary good :-)
    In fact those creatures are not scary, they are COOL!!!

  12. What a clever quilting technique! Thanks so much for sharing your secret. Love that stripey binding. Don't you just love the way the colours pop against the bright white snow? Such a perfect baby quilt. Keep warm and sew on!

  13. Very pretty. Great inspiration. I have a blue centric backing cut I want to use and was thinking about a blue/green to chartreuse fabric pull. We had a fabric swap at guild and I'm a bit heavy on that combo right now. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oooooh that is so nice. I love the binding especially and the geometric quilting. I like you snowy day handsewing idea... that's exactly what it is like here to! Thanks for sharing.

  15. the blue and green is just delightful! Keep it in your reserve, before too long, you'll have a need for it and be so happy it's finished and ready.

  16. This color palette is just delicious. I love the vibrant colors for a baby quilt--so lovely!

  17. There's lots for a baby to look at in this quilt. Nice. Love the back!

  18. What a great little baby boy quilt. I think the backing is fun too!

  19. I really like all these colors in a baby quilt. The green Comma print is one of my favorites. I love your quilting technique. Thanks for sharing and linking up to this week's TGIFF.

  20. Oh it looks lovely - such beautiful colours!


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