Tuesday, 24 February 2015

When in Hamilton...

... Buy fabric!

I am in Hamilton, Ontario this week.  All work and no play, except for a little running in between meetings and other work obligations.

So I was out for a run late afternoon yesterday when I ran past this delighful little store called "Needlework".  Well, you know I just had to go in.  It's a small but inviting store and workshop with a nicely curated fabric selection.  I was tempted to skip the rest of my run, especially since it was -15C (that's 5F, folks), but the store was opened until 8:00, so I had plenty of time to finish my run and come back before closing.  No excuse! 

Come back I did, and did what any quilter would have done in the same situation...  Buy fabric!

I exercised some restraint, but came out with delightful fabrics:

Nice, eh?

In the WIP department, I brought this quilt along to hand stitch the binding during my flights.  Hope to get it done by the time I get back home.

I realize the pictures are not the greatest - I am without a regular camera and just used my ipad.  It is my first time writing a post with just my ipad (and minimum time on a borrowed computer to transfer pictures).  It is a little challenging, but I had to share!

Do you look for fabric stores when travelling?  Have you ever discovered a nice little quilt shop completely by chance?


  1. Your new fabrics are just awesome! Love each one.

  2. Great fabric purchase. Good luck with the binding. Hope to see you on Saturday.

  3. Ah, man! I wish I would have known you were coming to Hamilton! I live within an hour's drive and would love to have had a chance to meet up at that little fabric shop. Your new pieces are sure pretty. Hope you had a wonderful time!


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