Sunday, 4 October 2015

Nothing Like a Deadline...

There's nothing like a deadline to force a girl back to her sewing machine.

I have been in a bit of a slump lately, and a birthday invitation for one of my kids was just what I needed to get back into action.

The party was today, so in typical "me" fashion, I started at 9:00 pm last night.  No time for fancy patchwork  there (plus, quite frankly, if I really feel like sewing something fancy, it will not be for a 10 year old boy).

I really like the vibrant orange against the black and white, and the bold letters.  The layout wasn't planned... I cut my letters way too big and I did not feel like starting over again.  I liked the look so I finished it before I changed my mind!  The raw edge appliqué also serves as part of the quilting, and for the background, I used this:

Well, that wasn't so bad!  except that the birthday party was for two kids, not one!

After much debate, I used one of my "comma" fabrics and some bright blue.  I had planned on using black thread, but I was not too happy with the contrast so I went for cream instead which adds a little bit of definition to the letters.

For the quilting, I went with simple straight lines (well, maybe not that straight) but I forgot to quilt the piece before I appliquéd the letters.  What do you do in such a case?  If you notice, the lines do not go through behind the name.  I just turned around every time I hit a letter, and tried to continue the line on the other side, like this:

More "Comma" fabric for the back...

And here they are together:

I always find it hard to choose fabrics for boys, especially as they get older.  My stash just does not have that much fabric that is appropriate and that will stay relevant for many years.

Seems like I found my happy combination with black &white and a bold colour.  Big thumbs up from my own kids and hopefully the little recipients like it too.


  1. Love these! Such a good idea!

  2. Awesome! What lucky boys to receive such thoughtful gifts.

  3. A tight deadline always makes you work faster LOL You did a great job! Hopefully you'll get your sewing mojo back.

  4. Great gifts - an idea worth remembering, thank you. xx

  5. Glad to see you back. I have missed your posts!

  6. I love that you make such personal, thoughtful gifts for the friends of your kiddos! Great job on this pair.


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