Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Quick Arm Warmer Tutorial


I am popping in to show off arm warmers that I whipped up in the last 30 minutes.  That includes taking pictures of the "making of" and the most challenging part, taking pictures of the finished product.

Disclaimer:  the product you are about to see is meant to be thrown away, and therefore, the level of care I put in it is not what I would do if I was to keep them.  But why would anyone make arm warmers to throw away, you ask?  Fair question, and the answer is on my other blog, Running Nimble (so named at the suggestion of Jeanette - I still get a kick out of it).

OK, so, those arm warmers...

1 - Start with these dollar store high-knee socks.  Of course, you can use better quality ones, if you are going to keep them, or - this opens up a whole world of possibilities... sweater arms.

 2 - Cut the end just where the toe seam is.

3 - Zigzag the part you just cut.  You want it tight enough so it won't fray, but stretch the opening so it will fit over your arm.

4 - Cut a small opening at the top, front of the sock (opposite the heel)... Edited to add: for the thumb.

... like this:

 5 - Zigzag that opening as well.  It's a bit tricky, I could not take pictures because I needed both hands.

Now, what to do with this leftover bit?

6- Why, make it into a little bow, of course!  Twist and Pinch it like this...

... and attach to the top, side of the sock with a wide zigzag & nil stitch length.

7 - Repeat with the other sock, and you have cute arm warmers!

Now, you're ready to stretch the sleeveless running / cycling season for just a little while longer!



  1. What a neat idea. I assume the elbow goes in the heel. What was the hole at the top for?

    1. Great questions, Anja! I'll answer here for everyone to see: Yes, elbow goes in the heel. The small opening at the top is for the thumb. It is not necessary, but allows you to keep more of your hand covered.

  2. Great idea! Pretty snazzy, too!

  3. Great idea! And the colours match your dress!!

  4. Love love love this idea!
    Thanks for sharing!


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