Thursday, 22 August 2013

A finished... shirt!

I am a quilter.  I don't normally do garments...

But every once in a while, I tackle a project that can be worn. 

So my finish this week is not a quilt.  It's a shirt.  A loud shirt.  A very, very loud shirt.

My husband loves his barbecue, and the loud shirts that go with it.  Because he is so supportive of my quilting habit (hey, he even buys me fabric), I was happy to make a new barbecue shirt for him.

I started it two nights before we left for the cottage, and I had to finish it once I got there, on my mom's sewing machine (she lives nearby).  The machine was not cooperating - not the most pleasant sewing experience.  I did not think I could handle the buttonholes, so my mom called on her neighbour for some assistance, and she graciously offered to make the buttonholes.  She was a bit shocked when she saw the fabric...  With my mom doing some of the handsewing on the collar, this was a real team effort, and I'm pleased with the results.  Here it is:

Pink Flamingo Shirt
Yes, it is loud!   He picked the fabric himself...

This is not my first time making a barbecue shirt for my husband.  He was nice enough to model the two previous ones, for my readers' viewing pleasure.  Here's the Dolphin shirt...

And the Hot Sauce shirt:

I love this one.  Check out the close up of this hot sauce fabric...

Being a quilter definitely has its advantages when trying to make original shirts.  Lots of fabric choices!  I know for a fact that there are no other shirts like these ones.  They are conversation pieces for sure!

Well that's it for my finish this week.  I am on vacation, and although I have brought a quilt to work on, it is a long, slow process, and I have nothing quilty to show for now.

Linking up to TGIFF at Sewing by Moonlight.  Looking forward to seeing what others have finished!

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful month of August.


  1. Loved your fun story of the BBQ shirts! What a good sport your husband is :o) Hope vacation is a happy, restful time!

  2. haha those are amazing! :) He looks like a character. I want to come for a barbeque at your place!

  3. Love your story too! My husband will never wear a shirt sewn by me, I love your husband! Love your ketchup fabric and the shirts too! But do not be afraid I am far away!


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