Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cottage Quilt

I am drawn to bright colours.  Reds, oranges, pinks...  So why is it that my stash is full of subdued, almost dull colours? At some point, I must have loved every single one of those fabrics.  Enough to buy a fat quarter, or even some yardage, choosing them over a vast array of bolder colours.
Perhaps I am afraid of colour as much as I am attracted to it.
I want to make bold and colourful quilts and yet... this is one of the quilts I made in the last year: 
Here's the story.
Last Fall, I decided to make a quilt for our cottage, to replace the duvet that was always too warm in the summer months.  My requirements were as follows: It had to be big enough for a queen size bed.  It had to be simple (I did not want to spend too much time working on a quilt that would only be used for a few weeks every year).   It had to go well with light blue walls.   And it had to use up my less-than-inspiring stash.
I know, I know... some of you are cringing right now. Why work with uninspiring fabrics? I mean, I do have some nice fabric too... so why not use it and make something exciting?
I am not really sure how to answer this question, but in any event, the first decision I made was the backing: a flowery sheet I had bought in a thrift store. Not really "vintage", but definitely not modern. 

The sheet became the inspiration for the colour scheme.  I started pulling fabric out of the stash: light blues, teals, dusty roses, peaches, beiges, a touch of brown, a touch of green, a touch of burgundy...  Nothing too bright.   I really wanted to captured the essence of that sheet.  I think I did, and somehow, those dull and boring fabrics all seemed to work together.

The blocks are 10x10, and simply made up of 5 even strips randomly pieced. The quilt finishes at 80 x 90

I free motion quilted loose loops using thread from Connecting Threads (I think the colour is Tomato). Not as divine as Aurifil, but nice thread nevertheless...

All nice and crinkled after a couple washes...

Hmmm... after I saw it all crinkled up, it really started to grow on me.  Now that I am back home and this quilt stayed at the cottage, I kind of miss it.

So maybe I love soft and subdued after all...

Have you made a quilt with fabric you no longer love?  Did you like the result?

Thanks to the wind, I never did manage to get a good picture of the whole quilt, but it sure isn't for lack for trying:  Here I am trying to fight the wind.

So for the finale, I'm settling on this shot:

Simple, soft and subdued, and different from everything that is on my "want to make" list, but I like it and that's all that matters.

Oh, and I just realized, for all the quilts I made for other people, this summer was the first time I slept under a quilt made by me. 

Time to make one for our bed at home!

Hope you are all enjoying those last days of summer.


  1. this quilt is lovely and I am so glad you are using it for you! I have just discovered your blog. Looking forward to following along:)

  2. hahaha! my stash seems to be much like yours - full of fabrics that are no longer inspiring. But seeing the lovely quilt you've created, I may need to just do it - start working with them. (Just popped over from M-R's blog)

  3. Love the photo of the quilt on the bench - it really makes it stand out, and highlights its character quite nicely against the pebbles on the shore. Although I have to say, the quilt dancing on the line in the wind is pretty fun too. :)

  4. I totally understand your reasoning, Dom. Bright and bold is fun, but how often does it really work with our rooms? Yours goes perfectly in that room though. Way to go for making something for you and Warren! Love the photo outakes!

  5. Kudos to you for making a dent in your stash. I think it's a perfect fit for a cottage-y bedroom. However, I'm generally of the opinion that life is too short to work with fabric that doesn't inspire you. Now that you've been thrifty and practical for a project, have some fun making something pink/red/orange/whatever. You can always donate it to a cause in need... like IWK Choices! :)

  6. Your colour choice is perfectly matched. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have surprises and fabrics change.


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