Sunday, 25 August 2013

What I Did During My Summer Vacation...

I am back from a three wonderful weeks at the cottage.  I am a bit tired - the good kind of tired, and I declare this a successful vacation.

I'll spare you the details of our beach going, kite flying, clam digging, sight seeing and other fun family activities... this is a quilting blog after all!  But there was a lot of quilting / sewing related activity on my part.

Delivered this quilt to its new home, my cottage's "master" bedroom (note the quotation marks. The room is so small I had to stand outside the room to take the picture).

More to come on that one.

    Finished my husband's Pink Flamingo shirt (see last post)



Performed an emergency surgery on this guy:  I did not take a "before" picture, but let's just say that this poor dude's head was literally hanging by a thread...  My first time using curved needles... worked like a charm!


Took a lot of pictures of my quilts.  In fact, I had one or two quilts in the car (and my camera) at any given moment in case I came across a suitable location to take a picture.  Preferably when it was not too windy. 

On this picture, I am just trying to snap a picture of a quilt top on my clothesline before the sun goes down too much, and the wind is not cooperating.

Gave a presentation to a dozen or so lovely lady from the local "Cercle des fermières", a woman's organization of which my mom is a member.  This was my second year travelling with a suitcase full of quilts to show.  It was well received.

Did a lot of hand quilting and made some reasonable progress on my daughter's quilt.  This has been a work in progress for over two years now.  What was I thinking quilting this double bed size quilt by hand?

I estimate I have another 40 hours or so before it's done.  If I can work at it 2-3 times a week for an hour, I will be done by Christmas.

I am back to work tomorrow and I have lots on my plate for the next few weeks.  There will be very few finishes, but thanks to pictures I took of my pre-blogging quilts, I should have stuff to talk about for the next little while!

What about you?  Do you quilt or sew when you are away on vacation?  Hand work, or do you take a machine with you?



  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, Dom! It was so fun to see you guys before you left and catch up a little. Thanks again for the delicious lunch and the ruler holder. Loving it!

  2. Quite a productive getaway, Dominique! I am wow-ed by the handquilting of a double sized quilt. I can't imagine how satisfying it would be to complete a project of that magnitude...such dedication. Looking forward to seeing the product of your quilt-y photoshoots as well!

  3. Your husband's shirts are awesome. I appreciate his modeling the other two! And WOW! Handquilting a double! I think the largest I've handquilted to this point is a 14" mini! Impressive! :)


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