Monday, 18 November 2013

A New Post about an Old Quilt

Fellow bloggers, what do you think, is it bad blogging etiquette to re-blog about a quilt that one has blogged about before?  Well, before I give you time to respond, I am just going to go ahead and do it.

This quilt was the subject of my second post ever, back when I had about 3 people reading my blog, (including 2 that were related to me).  I had no idea what I was doing and my pictures were terrible.  According to blogger, that post has received a grand total of 35 views.  I am pretty sure 30 of them are from me when I was signed on to someone else's computer.

But this quilt is one of my favourites and I think it deserves a brand new post with nicer pictures !

This is my first real modern quilt.  I fell in love with High Five by Amanda Jean in her and Cheryl's book Sunday Morning Quilts.  This link will take you to a miniature version of High Five made by Amanda Jean.  To make the quilt my own, I made my blocks bigger, tweaked the larger blocks and the layout a bit.  But really, I loved everything about the original, so I wanted the same feeling.  Colour, colour, colour!  This is my happiest and brightest quilt.

Most of the fabrics were scraps.  As you can see, there are very few modern prints, but the result is still far from traditional.  I am especially pleased with the binding! 

The quilting is definitely not my best work.  I outlined the white "frames" but rushed through the meandering on the rest of the quilt.  I'm talking about very large, extra jumbo meandering.  On the bright side, less dense quilting = softer quilt with a better drape.

These outdoor pictures were taken during my summer vacation, in a beautiful piece paradise somewhere in Atlantic Canada. It was sunny but windy.  The quilt kept flying off the fence.  I just could not get a good picture of the back (or, for that matter, of the entire top).  Oh well, there is always the old post.

This quilt makes me smile every single time I look at it.  I am still in love with it, and I am glad this one lives at our home, ready for snuggling anytime.
So, forget about my earlier question.  Have you been tempted to re-do a post from your early blogging days?


  1. Who makes the rules on this blog anyhow? :) Those are gorgeous pics of an awesome quilt, Dominique. I've not been tempted to re-blog anything, but never say never!

  2. Beautiful! I am glad you reposted otherwise I might never have seen this :). I have that book too although I have not made anything from it.

  3. Hello from Halifax! Your quilt is just wonderful! A scrappy delight!

  4. Hi, I have just discovered you through the blog hop and your quilt is stunning. I'm from Montreal.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt and the pictures are stunning!

  6. I've redone the odd post, but more often I have re-posted about quilts. It happens when I re-use a pattern or am referring to a book or designer. I am sure glad you re-posted about this lovely quilt.

  7. Sometimes I think that I should re-shoot some of the quilts that I blogged about when I started. Your new pictures are wonderful! The quilt is wonderful too; it looks so cheerful and happy.

    I found you via the blog-hop. I'm from Alberta. It's nice to 'meet' you!


  8. I am so glad you reported your quilt or I might never have seen this gorgeous colourful art piece . Wonderful work ! I am visiting through the blogathon , nice to meet you .

  9. Beautiful quilt. I am a new quilter from Oklahoma. Enjoying meeting our Canadian Neighbor Quilters. Thanks. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  10. Your quilt makes me smile too! Lovely colours, and so cheerful looking!

  11. Love your quilt! The bright happy colours make me smile! Thank you for reposting.


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