Sunday, 24 November 2013

Work in progress - 1930s nine-patch

It's not Wednesday but I have a new Work-In-Progress.  I just can't help myself!  So many unfinished projects and yet I had to start another one.

This one is fun, fun, fun.  Squares and rectangles with very little thinking (I am not overthinking any of the blocks, I just grab 2 random sets of 4 and one lone square and just go).  For a long time now, I had been wanting to combine 1930s reproduction fabrics with that green.  You know, that kind of vintage-y mint green that immediately brings you straight back to the past?  I am really liking this so far, and I anticipate the top will be finished in no time.

With two sides of sashing (which I am sewing directly on each block), each block is 12" x 12".   I have made a few more blocks since this picture was taken so I only need a few more to have 6 rows of 5 for a 63" x 75" quilt.  Or maybe I'll go with 7 rows for a nice twin size 63" x 87"

Older 1930s reproduction projects

Since we are talking about the 1930s, let me introduce my earlier projects, all of which are in my daughter's bedroom.  First, her baby quilt :

Which is now on her big bed because Mama's still working on her real big girl bed quilt...

Second, a quilt for her babies.  

I once read this tip: when you make a baby blanket, save some scraps and make a matching doll quilt.  I have only done this once, but what a great idea!

Third, a wall hanging for her bedroom and my first attempt at appliqué:

And I am slowly but surely plugging away at this one, a full-size quilt that I am hand quilting:

Despite being quite ready for the hand quilted one to be done, I am not tired of the 1930s type prints. 
With all the stuff that is marketed to/for little girls, I like the innocent simplicity of these 1930s prints and patterns like the Sunbonnet Sue for a little girl's room.

I know I should now quit starting new projects and finish her overdue big girl bed quilt.  I only have so many years before she outgrows these cutesy prints and wants something more grown up.

Have you made anything with 1930s prints?


  1. The nine patch looks great. The idea to make a doll quilt along with the baby quilt is quite brilliant. Sometimes nothing's more special than the little matching toy.

  2. I love the repro prints! I have made two triple Irish chains in with those fabrics. still some of my faves. You projects are awesome!

  3. I made a reproduction print quilt of pinwheels, always loved this fabric. With the leftovers I also made a baby quilt for someone.

  4. Those fabrics do look fun! I can understand why you would be starting a new project with those! Thanks for passing along that tip about the matching doll quilt. I think that is a fantastic idea! Also...
    Funny you should mention that green! Here is a post, also from today, by my friend Anne of PlayCrafts. You have to read this!


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