Friday, 1 November 2013

More cushions !

Hello, there!

Well, I am on a roll.   Relatively speaking, of course.  I have a couple more personalized cushions made (the blue one is just a prop):

The colours don't seem quite right on my pictures.  The red and light blue are a bit more muted than they appear. 

For this one I was running out of time for embroidery or appliqué, so I just drew the name and went back and forth, free-motion.  Too easy!  I did remove the lint before we gave it away...

And here's another one, embroidered by hand and improve-pieced:

The backing is a vintage sheet I adore, and the opening is closed with a velcro.

I love making those.  So satisfying!
You know what else is satisfying?  I started cleaning up my sewing room, and actually found stuff that had been MIA for months... like 4 seam rippers, an empty bobbin, embroidery scissors...
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Happy November, everyone!


  1. Nice. I hear you on the clean up. I'm trying to do some as well since I'm constantly looking for something.

  2. I love the personalize pillows, what a great gift. I should clean up a bit I am down to one seam ripper...oh no!

  3. LOL! I love it when you find things that have been MIA. My sewing room's a disaster at the moment and I know there are some MIAs around somewhere. Great pillows, Dom! I like that idea of free motion quilting the names -- genius!


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