Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best of 2015

I am jumping on the Best of 2015 bandwagon. 

Cheryl at Meadow Mist designs is hosting a linky party which is a great way to see what other quilt bloggers have been up to this year: Best posts, best quilts...

I already started my visit, and discovered a few new bloggers.  I intend to go back for more.

As for my own "Best of 2015", it was an easy choice.  As much as I like making little things: pillows, lanyards and other knick knacks, there is nothing quite like finishing an actual quilt and this year, I finished five of them, so that is what I am presenting to you.

Here they are, in reverse order.  Click on the pictures to get to the blog post.
1 - My most recent finished, the Not-So-Quiet Christmas Quilt, inspired by Amanda Jean's Quiet Christmas Quilt.  I love the look of simple squares!

2 - Happy Quilt - a bright and sunny parting gift for a wonderful lady that was a ray of sunshine for one of my kids.

3 - A baby quilt just because I love to play with colourful scraps.  I also love this picture with kids sledding in the background... one of the reasons to love snow!

4 - Have I mentioned I love simple squares? Here is another baby quilt.  It was really nice to play with a limited colour palette.

5 - And last but definitely not least, the biggest quilting accomplishment of the year... four years in the making... a handquilted full size quilt for my daughter. 

It's been a great year - quilt-wise and otherwise.  I did not make any quilty resolution as evidenced by this early January post, and that kind of worked for me :
"As for 2015?  It's a blank page.  While I do have a few things in the back of my mind that I'd like to do, I will refrain from writing them down.  Just go with the flow and see where that leads me..."
I am pleased with the quilts I made, and the time I spent with quilting with friends.  More of that to come in 2016!

Off I go see what others have been up to in 2015!


  1. What beautiful finishes! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Lovely finishes, Dominique! I've enjoyed each and every one of them. Looking forward to more in 2016!

  3. Great finishes! I really love that last one!

  4. You made some wonderful quilts this year!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Happy New Year!!

  5. Dominique I agree with you - as much fun as small projects are (and they actually get finished!) there's nothing like a real quilt. It just feels like a milestone in the journey of life. Yours are all charming and I especially like the four year investment you made in your daughters quilt! Cheers!!

  6. I love your Christmas quilt! So pretty! :)

  7. I remember all those. And they are great the second time around!! Here's to 2016.

  8. Beautiful quilts! I'm so glad that I jumped on the bandwagon, too. I'm really enjoying all of the quilts and meeting a few more bloggers! I'll come back to read about your daughter's quilt. I have a feeling there's much more to the story than one photo can tell--do I see applique? It certainly looks like it. (see what I mean? I have to know now!) Happy 2016!

  9. Lovely, lovely quilts, you've done really well. My favorite would have to be your daughter's quilt. You did a great job.


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