Thursday, 17 December 2015

More little things

I have been busy making little things...

1) A Birthday Pillow

I asked the mom for the boys favourite colours: Blue, Red and Green.  Can you see the issue, here?  The issue is that I have LOTS of fabric, but virtually nothing that is appropriate for a 6 year old boy in red, blue or green.  Lots of girly flowers, some toddler-friendly prints and geometrics might be boring to a small child.

In the end, I went with the letter print, which, admittedly, may not "age" that well, but should be OK for a couple years.  For the letters, I went with a solid minty green because I wanted the name to really stand out and it was the colour that offered the best contrast.

The backing is one of those that would have been great for a younger child, but has been given the stamp of approval from my own 6 year old.

For the quilting, I loved doing wavy lines in a variegated thread.  I did make one strategic mistake: I should have quilted under the name before I appliqué'd the letters.  But the nice thing about making pillows for 6 year olds is that they don't give a hoot about quilting mishaps.

2) Frozen Pillowcases

A friend needed two "Frozen" things - anything - and I had Frozen yardage and no specific plans to use it, so I offered to make her two pillowcases.  She is a good baker... I may ask her to pay me in cookies.  Win-win!

Let it go... let it goooooooooooo.  Bet you have that song in your head now!  You're welcome!

3) Another Lanyard

When I gave a lanyard in my office charity auction, two colleagues from my section bid on it, but were outbid by an "outsider" from another section.  I "coincidentally" drew one of these colleagues names for Secret Santa...  All that's missing is a little coffee card to round things up...

Still have not found the ideal way to photograph these

I have many more little things to make before Christmas...  Do you?


  1. Great gifts. I think the pillow will be fine. I like the wavy quilting.

  2. Love the wavy quilting on the pillow, that thread is spot on! I've still got some notebook covers to make, I'm just dragging my feet in usual procrastination. :P

  3. Love the pillow! I love wavy lines for quilting. I'm still sewing presents - and starting to freak out a little because I'm working until Dec 22 and still have lots and lots to do. I stayed up until Midnight last night and see a few more late nights in my future. :-(. I wonder why I wait until the last minute every year!

  4. You and your little things! You're always at it! And you're so right... anyone under 8 doesn't typically take any notice of quilting mistakes!

  5. You've done great with your little things! I LOVE your idea of putting a coffee gift card in the lanyard sleeve...brilliant! May I add this to my repertoire of gift ideas? You've also done quite a bit of blogging lately! Fun :o)


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