Thursday, 18 July 2013

First Charity Blocks... CHECK!

I like the idea of making charity quilts.  In my head, I have lots of charity quilts waiting to be made, starting with a Quilt of Valour.  So far, I have only made a baby quilt for a neonatal unit, and a few Christmas placemats for my local Meals on Wheels organization.

So many worthy causes, so little time... 

I cannot devote the time to make a whole quilt for charity right now, but making a block?  I can do that.  When I heard about Cheryl's project to make blocks for families affected by the floods in Calgary, I knew I wanted to join.  Worthy cause, for sure, and a really fun block to make!  Every since I bought Sunday Morning Quilts I have wanted to make pretty much every project in this book.  So I jumped on the occasion to make "Just One Slab".  Or two... or... five!  Here they are.  I could have kept going, but the danger was that I would have wanted to keep them for myself and make this quilt. Right. Now.

These blocks are in the mail.  There, I've done it!  I have sent something to someone I have never met before, to be given to a family who lives several provinces away from me.  And you know what? It made me feel real good!

Cheryl is still collecting blocks until July 30, so there is still time if you want to contribute.

On that note, I am off to start assembling the wedding quilt. 

Happy sewing to me!

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  1. They look like fun blocks to make! Too funny that if you made more you'd want to keep them...good inspiration to run right to the post office and send them of :) It is easy (and fun!)to join together with others and make charity quilts.


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