Thursday, 11 July 2013

Vintage Goodness

Vintage Sheets Quilts

I started collecting vintage sheets about a year ago, after seeing all sorts of lovely quilts made of vintage sheets popping up everywhere on the blogosphere.  I phoned up my sister to see if she still had the old sheets that came from our parent's house, only to find out I was a couple weeks too late: she had just given them to charity.  Sad!  But after a couple months of thrift store shopping, I had enough to make my first vintage sheet quilt.  Here's what I came up with:

This quilt is so light and bright and fresh, and sunny.  I do not name all my quilts, but when I shared this quilt with my friend M.-R. (Quilt Matters), she suggested "Orange Julep".  Perfect name, don't you think?

Why stop when you're having fun?

After making Orange Julep, I had to keep going, and make another one just like it.  Half of the prints are the same, but by then I had acquired a few more sheets, mostly in green - love those green stripes.  No name for this one, though.  This quilt now lives in a dorm room on some university campus with A., our wonderful babysitter.

Vintage Sleeping Bag?

I really think everybody needs a vintage sheet quilt, or perhaps a vintage sheet sleeping bag...

Here's the sleeping bag I made for "Baby".

Yes, I know the binding isn't terribly well done.  You see, I had this idea at about 9:00 pm the night before our family was going camping last year.  Baby was coming with us, and she needed a proper place to sleep.  Once I had the idea in my mind, I just had to make it.  Now!

Pillowcase Dresses

Some pillowcases want to be cut in small pieces and made into a quilt, but others scream "I want to be a dress".  I whipped up these two dresses last week.  One for my daughter and one for her friend.  I realized afterwards that the white and yellow one was way too long and I did not want to hem it and lose the lovely border, so I made a belt out of bias tape and put two loops at the waist to hold the belt in place. Aren't these the cutest dresses?

I am not done with vintage sheets... so many more projects to make!  Next on my vintage-y projects list: pyjamas like these ones.  What about you?  Are you into vintage sheets? 


  1. Ooooh, I love what you are doing with your vintage sheets! I have a small collection, but I haven't had much luck finding sheets in the local thrift shops. I haven't sewn with mine yet, but I have plans to make a pair of pajama pants. Just followed the link you shared, and I think it is brilliant to use the already hemmed edge of the sheet for the pants hem. I definitely need to remember that when I sew mine! I did find a fun vintage McDonald's sheet that I want to use in my son's bedroom :)

  2. Thanks Allison, I was super excited to read your comment. I am a brand new blogger and you are the first person to comment that I don't actually know in "real" life. Yay! I am not finding too many of the wild, saturated bright prints at the local thrift shops either. A lot of my stash is pastel florals on white background. Recently, though, I lucked our during our street yard sale. I just asked my neighbours if they had any sheets stashed away (I showed them my Orange Julep quilt), and sure enough, that same afternoon, my neighbour delivered two wonderful green/purple pillowcases and other goodies. The McDonald's sheet would be a lot of fun!

  3. Awesome, Dom! I'm so glad you liked that name. :) Love the pillowcase dress - I'm so going to do that for my niece. Hope you link up with TGIFF! this week. :)

  4. Dom, you are coming up as a no reply blogger. To fix it so people can reply to your comments, go to your Blogger profile, click 'show my address'. Thanks for the comment on my post -- you are right about getting exactly what we want! :)

  5. I love vintage sheets quilts and starting collecting not too long ago. I've gotten quite a few now. Your quilt is so lovely :)


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