Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wedding quilt in progress... I need opinions!

A little less than a week ago, I set out to make a quilt for a couple who was getting married... yesterday.  Talk about a deadline!  But I did not want to rush it, and I gave myself a month to complete it.  Better late than never.
The bride is my husband's cousin and I do not know her very well.  I have never met the groom.  This said, I knew I wanted to make something for them, I just had no idea where to start.  Weeks passed.... months... I almost gave up the quilt idea and checked out their wedding registry instead.  Good thing I did, there was the information I was looking for:
We love sea tones and earthy, organic styles. Blues and greens are our favorite. K's ultimate color is turquoise/aqua, and P's first choice is forest green. Our house is "country" as opposed to modern. We love the vintage look of art nouveau and art deco.

OK, I have to admit I had no idea what Art Deco and Art Nouveau were and had to Google it.  I quickly determined that no quilt of mine was going to fall under one of these two categories.  But sea tones, blues, aquas and greens... I can do that, and all from stash! (Well, maybe there was a wee purchase of creams and beiges, but, does that even count?)
Here's the first stack of fabrics I pulled out:

I added some greens, sorted by value (lights and darks), and cut 84 squares (6 1/2") from each pile.

I matched them up and started sewing HSTs (half square triangles).  I am about 2/3 done, so another evening or two of work (my evenings are short). 

Here's a sample:

I have no idea how I ended up with all of those fabrics in my stash, because these are not colours that I normally go for...  Well, obviously, at some point, I did.

Now, I really love that combination.  So soothing!  I can see oceans, forests, beaches...

Now comes the tough part.  Like log cabins, half squares triangles can be turned so many ways with completely different results.  Tonight, I played with 16 blocks and experimented different layouts.  Keep in mind that the finished quilt will have 168 blocks (14 rows of 12).

Which one of the layouts below do you prefer?  Which one do you think would best match the newlyweds' description of their style? 
1. Barn raising - light centre

2. Barn raising - dark centre
3. Chevrons
4. Pinwheels
 5. Star with light centre

6. Star with dark centre
7. Diamonds

I thought I had picked my favourite, but I have looked at it too much and I don't know anymore!  And there are so many more possibilities... Now I need to put it out there and see what other people think. 

Over to you!


  1. My favorites are log cabin dark centre (barn raising) and the pin wheels. Two of my favorite all time pattens. The star with light centre is great too....if I had to pick one, i would choose pinwheels....a personal preference.

  2. I like them all! but maybe number 1 or 6? They are wonderful colors for the couple!

  3. Based on what you wrote about their preferences I'd go with No. 1, 2, or 7. Any way you end up making it will be beautiful!!

  4. I love the barn raising layouts, both are nice, but I probably prefer the dark center. It gives your eyes a definite spot to start looking around from. I really like when this pattern is set off center, too, up and out if you know what I mean.

  5. Great palette. Fits their likes perfectly! I love that you ended up doing 1 and 2.


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