Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Quickie...

Remember my luggage tags?
So fun to make, so here are three more:


I love those quick projects.  What are your go-to projects for instant gratification?


  1. You always make such lovely tags.

  2. So cute! Love the one with the orange polka dot loop.

  3. Love these fun luggage tags Dominique! Somehow I missed seeing your tutorial back in January. My dearest friend has a birthday coming up and I always like to include a little handmade gift...guess what she'll be getting? Her daughter's wedding is coming up in December so I know for sure she will be traveling! Thanks for the great idea :o)

  4. Good lookin' tags! I might have to make some of those one of these days. Add it to the to do list! :)

  5. These tags are great. My go to for a quick project are bookmarks and postcards. I'll have to give luggage tags a try.


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