Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Practicing Free Motion Quilting

I am working on a birthday pillow and I decided to use this small piece to practice my free motion quilting.

First off, pebbles.  Love the look, don't have the patience.  Good thing it was only a small section.  This reminds me never to attempt to quilt pebbles on a large scale quilt again.

These loops?  That's before I decided to get all fancy with the rest of the quilting.  If I had my time back, I would quilt wavy lines along the lines of the fabric, but I did not dislike it enough to unpick.

Two different types of small loops.  I kind of like the ones on the narrow dark purple strip.  My first time doing this pattern.  This one will go in my bank of "can do with ease" patterns.

This is not a great picture, but I did my first feathers!  Yay me!  it was surprisingly easy.  Do again for sure.

See the small loops I quilted on the green fabric, above, next to the seam?  Well, those, I did unpick, because I came up with a better idea: to mimic the "fireworks" (they are not fireworks, but they look like fireworks to me).

Not particularly pleased with the "boxes" on the aqua strip, but I can live with those.

I really enjoy practicing these stitches on a small scale.  Now I must go add the recipient's name on the pillow before I put it together.

Hopefully, a reveal soon...

In Other quitling news... in case you missed my last post, do you know about the Sew Canadian blog tour? 


Every Sunday this summer, the gals at Mad About Patchwork are inviting you to visit the spaces of two Canadian quilters.  And guess who is featured next Sunday?

Here is the full schedule, and while you're at it, you can upload your pictures on the Sew Canadian Flickr group.

July 6th – Patti @Retired to Quilt and Krista @Poppyprint
July 13th – Dominique @The Running Thimble and Cinzia @Deux Petites Souris
July 20th – Anita @Daydreams of Quilts and Lorna @Sew Fresh Quilts
July 27th – Shena @Apple Pie Patchwork and Katherine @Sew Me Something Good
August 3rd – Felicity @Felicity Quilts and Josee @The Charming Needle
August 10th – Janet @What Comes Next and M-R @Quilt Matters
August 17th – Erica @Happy Fabric, Jacqui @Treadle Quilts and Adrienne @Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
August 24th – Leanne @She Can Quilt and Jaclyn @Jaclyn Quilts
August 31st – Pam @Mad About Patchwork and Laura @Waffle Kisses

What are you waiting for?  Go peek in other people's sewing spaces!


  1. I'm in agreement with the pebbles. I love the look of them and I can do them with ease but they take so much time and thread when done on a large quilt. I did it once and it will be a long time before I attempt it again :)

  2. I like the variety of stitches you are using -- the pillow will look great!

  3. Looks great! Awesome first feather!

  4. So brave with all of the FMQ! So awesome! I want to be you when I grow up :)

  5. Great way to practice some different patterns. They all look great to me!


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