Monday, 28 July 2014

Something Old, Something New...

Today, I have two things to share.  Let's start with the new stuff.  As you know, I am a proud member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.  Such a great group of gals (no guys... yet) and lots of fun.  A few months ago, we had our logo designed by Eric of Dartmouth Clothing Company (who may have a connection with one of our members). 

Now, we are working on our guild banner.  One of our members, Karen, has done a superb job on the main panel and everyone else was provided fabric to create a 6" block for the front, as well as a signature block for the back.  Of course, I can't remember any of these names, so I went to I went to Jenn's blog for a little help: Kona White, Pacific, Prussian, Aqua, Oasis, and Breakers.

Here is my contribution for the front:

Gees it's hard to take pictures of solid fabrics and get the colours right...

And here's the back:

I free-motioned my name in variegated thread using a light fusible interfacing for stability.  Here's a better look at the colours.

Love that colour scheme!

Now, about something old.  If you toured my studio, you may remember this antique sewing table which was a flea market find. 

It was a fine piece of furniture, but last week, I said goodbye and send it off to live in another home (with another member of my guild) so that I could have room for this one:

But, wait a minute.  Isn't this table smaller?  Weren't the legs nicer in the other ones?...  What gives?

Well, this one is the real thing.  It is not just a table.  There is an actual machine in it.  My grandmother's treadle sewing machine.

Isn't it a beauty?

And it works, too...

I find it fascinating to think that I could potentially sew in a power outage, with the power of my feet...

It came with the manual, a few bobbins and a box full of parts.  And check out those old fashioned wooden spools of thread.  And that "newer" plastic one there, with the 85c sign on the wrapper... 

I don't think it is a collector's piece or anything like that, but it is worth a lot to me.  I am honoured to have been given this little piece of my family's past.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Have you ever sewn on a treadle machine?


  1. I just had mine refurbished for my birthday at the beginning of June, but I still have not sewed on it. I am intimidated by it!

  2. Love your new Singer. I'd love to have one.

  3. Thank you for sharing your new machine. So special to have a piece of your history.

  4. Never been tempted to sew on a treadle machine.... but then again, I don't have one in my studio to tempt me! The banner blocks are looking good. So glad you included your blog name on your signature block... I wanted to, but didn't want to be the only one. Thanks for the shout out... I'm here to help with any and all Kona conundrums!

  5. this machine is simply beautiful! Loving your banner blocks!

  6. What a treasure! Did you try it, could you imagine making a whole quilt with one of those? Love the banner blocks.

  7. Love your banner blocks. How special to own your grandmother's treadle. Have you dated it? I have my great-aunt's treadle and I am just in the process of getting it running. Needs a bobbin holder.

  8. Such a treasure! Still can't get over that side plate -- the detail!


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