Monday, 20 January 2014

Bits of Quilts

I am not one for "fiddly" things (my new favourite word).  Big squares and rectangles are my friends, with the occasional HST.  Surprisingly, I found myself working on not one, but two fiddly projects this week-end.  Without obligation.

First, a bee block.  My first block in my first bee, the Canadians Quilt {bee}.  Our January Queen Bee asked for stars - any star block, in these yummy colours with a low volume background.  I could have gone with an easy block, but one of my goals is to be a good bee member, so I figured I would up my game a little bit.  My design is quite simple, but it involved 49 pieces of fabrics.  Yes, people, 49 pieces!  I am sure I have made quilts that involved less than 49 pieces, backing and binding included!

So there it is:

Well, that was fun... fingers crossed that my Queen Bee likes it.

My second project has been in my mind for a while, when I started noticing quilts with pieced letters.  I kept putting it off thinking it would take too much time.  Recently, I came across this lovely mini, and I thought, I have to get to those letters. 

These will be part of this quilt back, if I ever get around to finishing it!

I actually managed the first 14 letters in one afternoon (with interruptions) and only have four more to go.  Most letters came together quickly.  The B, not so much, especially since I had to re-do it.  I have a G, an N and two O to go.  I will then sized them properly by adding a piece of beige to make them the same height, before adding spacers between each letter.

So what do you think these letters will spell? 

B  D  E  G  G  H  I  I  N  N  N  N  O  O  O  T  T  U

Scrabble, anyone?


  1. Love, love, love that block! I have no idea whatsoever what those letters could be. Hmm, how many words?

  2. Sweet block, Dominique! And that quilt top flapping in the breeze is a pretty, pretty picture! I have to agree with M-R... We need a hint!

  3. I too love, love, love that star block. Is it an on-line tutorial or did you find it in a book? Either way, I need dets!

    Good for you for joining an on-line bee - they're great for pushing one out of their comfort zones. And it's fun to get stuff in the mail!

  4. Love that star block! And I love Scrabble - okay, is the word 'beginning' in their somewhere? Now I'm hooked, will obsess until I get an answer!

  5. Here is the hint: The word(s) is(are) in Canada's both official languages.

  6. Even with the hint, I still can't guess. I think it will be one of those things that as soon as you tell us we will all slap our heads and say "Well, of course!" Thanks so sharing your beautiful projects! Love the stars.

  7. Both your fiddly projects look great! I love the letters, though like the others I can't figure out the words :D

  8. Great photo of the quilt in the wind! Not a clue of your word (s). Love the first block!


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