Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fabulous Quilted Luggage Tags - Tutorial

What do you make for someone who travels?  Luggage tags, of course!

In my last post, I shared the luggage tags I made for Christmas.  I have made a few more since, and after a few trials and errors, I am ready to share my first tutorial.

Here is how to make fabulous luggage tags out of scrappy bits of fabric.


- Fabric scraps
- Batting scrap, about 4"x6"
- Fusible web, about 4"x6" (optional)
- Clear plastic, about 3"x 4"*
- Ribbon, approx. 12"

*I bought plastic for clear tablecloth, sold at fabric stores.  It occurred to me afterwards that I could use recycled packaging I have at home, such as those you get when you buy a set of bed sheets.

Back of tag

1 - Sew tiny scraps together to make a piece at least 4" x 6".  This will be the back of your tag.

2 - Layer your piece with batting and quilt as desired.  I quilted random diagonal lines on mine.

Front of tag

3 - Cut a piece of clear plastic 2 1/2" x 4".

4 - Put the clear plastic over a scrap that is at least a little bigger.  Make sure there is some extra fabric at one end (where your opening will be).  On the picture, I left the tissue paper that came with the plastic, so you can see better.  This will be removed.

 5 - Add strips of fabrics on three sides, as if you were building a log cabin block.  Again, I have left the paper for the picture, but removed it before sewing the strip onto the main part.   Remember to flip your work when ironing, so you don't apply the hot iron directly on the plastic.

Notice how I added four "logs" instead of three?  That is because my tag was not quite long enough.  I made sure the fourth log was not sewn onto the plastic bit.  You want to leave one opening!  Your tag front should be approx. 4" x 6".

 7 - Iron a piece of fusible web onto the wrong side of this piece - this step is optional.

Not shown: You could also top stitch your logs, around your clear plastic - I forgot to do it for this tag, but you I did for the next ones and it looked better.  See the tags at the very end of this tutorial.


8 - Trim both pieces to desired finished size + 1/2".  Mine was about 3-7/8" x 5-3/4".  Cut the top corners in an angle, or round them off.

9 - Cut a piece of ribbon about 10" - 12".  Layer your pieces together right sides facing each other, with the ribbon tucked in the middle as per the picture.   Pin or clip in place.  Make sure you don't accidentally catch the middle of the ribbon when pinning or clipping the bottom end (see third picture below).

10 - Sew around the edge, leaving an opening on the longest side (make sure you backstitch on each side of the opening).  Trim the corners to reduce bulk.

11 - Turn your work right side out.  Press and pin your opening shut.  Again, remember not to press the plastic directly.  Top stitch all around.

You are done the sewing part!

Finishing touch

11 - Insert the recipient's business card or a piece of cardstock 2" x 3 1/2".  I am not much of a scrapbooker, but I did buy some letter stickers and used them to identify the cardstock with the recipient's initials.  The personal info can be written on the back, therefore protecting privacy.
Admire your Fabulous Luggage Tag!


Want to simplify things a bit?  Forget about the log cabin construction and just sew the plastic bit over the front of the tag (on three sides).  My machine did not like sewing directly on the plastic, so for the second one, I left the tissue paper, and removed it afterwards.

These were the first ones I made and for some odd reason, I made buttonholes for the ribbon.  This was completely unnecessary, I would not recommend it.

And below are the last ones I made.  I did not have the right color of ribbon for one of them, so I used a plain white ribbon and covered it with fabric.  That worked out well.

I also topstitched around the plastic part, about 1/8" on the logs.


I loved making these.  Such a satisfying project... I can see many more of those luggage tags in my future.  No one is going to lose their luggage on my watch!


  1. Good job on your first tutorial, Dominique! I might just have to make some of these!

  2. Very cute! great tutorial.

  3. That's a great tutorial-fun to finally meet up last night! I see you were using your binding clips...

  4. Awesome tutorial! I travel a lot so these are getting into my "to do" list. Loved seeing them in person too! I am pinning this :)

  5. oh and ps - great use of the wonderclips... You take the lead!

  6. I can't wait to try these luggage tags!! And, I'm so glad you mentioned using recycled plastic! I have several plastic packages from sheets...Hooray for repurposing!!!

  7. Dominique I just finished a set of these sweet quilted luggage tags using your super-awesome tutorial! What fun :o) I made one small addition...a piece of trim fabric across the top of the vinyl where the address card slides in. I took your suggestion and used vinyl from a set of sheets I'd purchased and it worked fine. If you'd like to see a picture of how mine turned out here is a link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/48704476@N07/14801103932/

  8. Great tutorial - thank you! I especially love the recycled plastic idea - My Joann's is a bit far... ;D


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