Saturday, 11 January 2014

Must. Make. Quilted. Cover. For. Ugly. Item.

A parcel came in the mail today, a gift my husband ordered for me that somehow did not make it in time for Christmas.

What is it, and what does it do, you say? It sure isn't pretty...

Essentially, it is a seat cover that comes with a hot pack inside.  Heat the hot pad in the microwave, stick in into the cover, take it with you if you are going to sit somewhere cold.  It is meant to be warm, not hot, and to stay warm for 6 hours.  Here is what it looks like, opened: (pretend this pink chair somewhere out there in freezing temperature).

Ignore the mess, I was not going to take that thing on a special photo shoot...
I spend a lot of time at the rink, and I am always cold, so my husband thought I would appreciate having a warm seat on which to put my behind.   hmmm... okay, but I must say I was underwhelmed.  See, on my list of want-to-make, there was a quilted cushion to take to the rink, and now I have this purchased thing that is probably much better, but plain ugly.  Darn!

That's when my husband wisely said: "why don't you just make a quilted cover for it?"  Duh!  Didn't think of it.

Since he may want to use it (when he is going by himself of course, I won't give it up), I figured pretty, flowery fabrics would not do.  So I dug into my black and white stash and pulled those out:

mmm... nice, but boring.

Added a few scraps of aqua to royal blue:

Much better.  I may have stolen the idea from someone at guild meeting last night, but in any event, black and white and blue it is.

I am using the quilt as you go method demonstrated by Adrienne last night (I will link to the guild meeting pictures when they are up).

Well that's as far as I got tonight, but I am determined to get this baby done.  Soon. Before my next trip to the rink.

What are you working on?


  1. Himself has something similar for sitting the the hunting blind... though he has never requested a quilted cover for it! Good idea on your husband's part to make something utilitarian a little more fun. Wasn't that a great guild meeting? I'm loving meeting new people and learning stuff every time I go!

  2. I love this Dominique! Your husband is so thoughtful...and to suggest you make a quilted cover...what a guy!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I think you are spot-on to use the QAYG method. Looking forward to seeing the final reveal :o)

  3. Quilting to the rescue! Love the B&W fabrics with the shot of colour. You will have the nicest seat in the rink. Today I am working on making a cushion using the QAYG that we learned at guild. I look forward to more learning and sharing.

  4. WOOT! for black, white and blue :) I don't envy anyone who spends copious amounts of time in rinks!


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