Sunday, 12 January 2014

Quilted Cover for Heated Seat ... Finished!

I said I would do it, and I did!  The "Lava Buns" cover is finished.

Yes, you can see my reflection in the windows.

If you missed my last post, the Lava Buns (who thinks of these names?) is a little heated seat that you take with you if you are going to sit in a cold place, such as an arena.  Great idea but, would you want to be seen carrying this?

I had to do something.  Had to.  And I did.  Here's the back, with a zipper (yay!)

And the quilted front.  Added the lime green to my first fabric pull for a bit of "zing".

I did not feel like making handles, so I just left a hole so that the original handles and Velcro can get through.

My husband got to try it first as I wasn't going to the arena today.  I gave him the camera and asked him to take lots of pictures in the hopes that one would be blog-worthy. 

Hmmm... Anyway...

If you are not used to hanging out in cold arenas and you are wondering why would someone need heated seat cover, check out the woman on the left.  She is wrapped up in a woolen blanket! Brrrr.

A Finished Quilt Top...

On a completely different note, a quilt top got finished today in my house, but not by me.

 My son started his quilt at age 6, it has been about 3 years in the making...  I chose the block (too complicated, what was I thinking?), and he chose the colors and the layout.  The blocks were done over a several years.  He enjoyed it - just didn't feel like working on it very often - but it was long and painful for me.  I had my old machine set up at a lower table, with a box to prop up the pedal, and that is what he used.  There was a lot of hand holding, and unpicking.

A few months ago, I gave away my old machine, so when my on asked to work on his quilt today, I set him up on the Bernina.  He has grown since he was 6, so all he needed was a little something to raise the pedal.   Now the Bernina has a feature I have not used much, but came really handy: Speed control.  Ahhhhhh!  What a difference!  The speed control allowed him to go nice and slow and control the fabric without being concerned with foot pressure.

All that was left to do was to assemble the 12 blocks.  I pinned and ironed, but he did all the sewing (removing pins, cutting thread, etc.) himself.  After about 30 minutes, he had this:

Needless to say, both mom and kid are very happy!


  1. The cushion cover gives that heated seat pad a whole new look. And if you're spending many days at the arena having a heated seat would be a HUGE plus!

  2. The cushion cover looks great, Dominique! And please pass my congratulations on to your son`s quilt. Quite an achievement!

  3. Oh my goodness...the seat cover turned out great! I think made a great decision to just use the original handles. Love the picture of it "in action!" Ha!!

    Hooray to your son on getting his quilt top UFO's/WIP's for him!

  4. Ha Ha Ha! "Lava Buns" is just hilarious!
    Great job on the cover up! :)

  5. OMG, yes, I'd want a cover for that too. LOL! Awesome job on the quilt top!


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