Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Blank Page...

It's been 2015 for more than a couple weeks, but I have not felt the need to set some goals for the year.  Probably have something to do with not having met most of my 2014 goals.

What were they?

Fabric fast: Well, that lasted about a minute and a half!  Here are a few of my recent acquisitions...

pre-Christmas order Warp and Weft... insane prices...
Put a lid on it, Michael Miller.  Isn't it the best?

Some Happy Go Lucky yardage purchased from Ella's Cottage

Husband's last trip to Ottawa: obligatory stop at the Running Stitch...

Seriously, I did not keep up with the Fabric Fast, I certainly put more thinking into my buying, and I made a conscious effort to use what I have.

No buying book and magazines - I have been tempted a couple times, but with everything available online, I have not missed it.

Keep track of spending?  Can't say that I have...

Keep my creative space organized with a good clean up every quarter: Well, that did not happen, and it's really too bad because I do work better when the room is clean and organized.  I know myself too much to vow to keep it clean this year, but it is something to strive for.

Wash and iron my stash washing and ironing any new fabric acquisition within one week.  Ha ha ha.  Nope, that didn't happen either.  That Happy go lucky yardage, above?  Purchased last summer, still unwashed...  I am was a dedicated pre-washer but looking at the pile, I am wondering if it's really worth it... 

Split my collections:  I give myself an A for this!  See this collection:


I did it!  I split that collection and used a good chunk of it. I actually wasn't that crazy about the collection itself, but I love most of the individual prints.  There are some great low volumes, some nice dots, some blacks and whites... it would have been a shame to wait for the perfect project to use it all.  I'd still be waiting.

Finish, finish, finish.  I had a long list of WIP, but only managed to finish 3 quilts, none of which were on the original list.  That's pretty sad, if you want to know.  This said, I did work on a lot of smaller projects: pillows, bags, lanyards, zipper pouches which were all quite satisfying.

Give, give, give  I did give some scraps away but I could probably use a major de-stash.  While I did not donate a bed-size quilt to a worthy cause, I did give a baby quilt for an auction organized by our home-school association.
This quilt went for $125 at our school auction.  I was pleased!

I also gave this pillow to someone who really did not expect a gift and I must say, giving a quilty gift to an unsuspecting (and appreciative) recipient is something worth repeating.  So rewarding!

Connect  I left my old guild and joined the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.  Though I did not make it to all the meetings and sew-in, I enjoyed every occasion I had to participate in their activities.  I probably made it to 5 sew-ins, one short of my goal of sewing with other people.  I joined my first online bee in 2014, and decided to join again for 2015. I even learned to use Flickr.  Sorta.

So I did not keep my quilty resolutions, and did not meet all my quilty goals... but I am still pretty happy with what I have accomplished.

As for 2015?  It's a blank page.  While I do have a few things in the back of my mind that I'd like to do, I will refrain from writing them down.  Just go with the flow and see where that leads me...

What about you, have you set some goals for 2015?


  1. I didn't finish all my 2014 either, but having a list keep me somewhat focused. I've almost finalized my 2015 list...even finished a few projects on the list already. I think you had a great 2014. Here's to 2015!!!!

  2. Lists can be so restrictive...enjoy making and creating and learning, i say.

  3. Love the baby quilt and pillow. I too was a major fail at fabric fast 2014 and 2015 is even worse. Ahh, love fabric! Good luck with playing it loose.

  4. Hahaha a minute and a half!! Love the Michael Miller and that cushion is adorable! I've been using the library a lot for books :)

  5. I am on the "quilt what makes me happy" page this year. Trying not to make too many goals because in 2014 I had way too many and it stressed me out! I give up on Fabric fasting, but I am going to sew from my stash where I can this year, I have so much good stuff I want to get at it!

  6. I don't make a complete list of what needs to get finished, but I did find that a quilting "short list" helped keep me on track and helped me not to jump on every band wagon that passed by. I think I'll continue to do that.

    I've put serious brakes on my fabric purchases. One day I counted all of my fat quarters and multiplied them by a reasonable cost...can I just say it was a shocking experience to see how much my inventory of fabric adds up to...and compared to most I have a seriously modest stash.


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