Sunday, 11 January 2015

Blame It On The Bee

I joined an online bee again!  Be warned, these things are dangerous...

We wrapped up the CanadiansQuilt Bee with this December block, simple trees requested by MR of Quilt Matters, and soon enough, it was time to begin a fresh new year with the Canadians Quilt Bee 2015.

flash was not working, but you get the idea

The January Queen Bee, Shena, of Apple Pie Patchwork requested these Scrappy Mountain Blocks.  The blocks are based on this tutorial, but I simply followed Shena's instructions.

There is lots to love about these blocks.  They are so versatile, the layout possibilities are endless.  Check it out: quick reorganization:

But the best part about them, is that they are actually super easy to make.  I kid you not.  really easy!  go check out the tutorials for yourself...

So after I dutifully pieced and mailed the bee blocks to Shena I thought, hmmm... let's make some for myself.  And here we are after a couple evenings of work.

That is why I say these bees are dangerous.  Last year, it was the February queen who inspired me to make an entire quilt from her chosen block.  This year, why wait until February?  The Scrappy Mountains were screaming "make me, make me" as soon as I saw them!

So here's a little sample of the possibilities:  We have chevrons...

And mountains all going the same way (should have taken the picture from a different angle... they look weird tipped sideways...)

Not sure how to call this one but it sure has a lot of movement...

And here they are, all mixed up rather than paired with their mate.  Can you spot the error?

First one in the third row...Yeah, much better!

This palette of yellows, soft pink/reds and blues is completely accidental.  I actually set out to make another colourful, anything goes kind of quilt with scrappy low volumes and brights, similar to my Plus Quilt.   But now, seeing these together, I am wondering if I should just keep going with this palette.  I would probably have to remove the old brown Kaffe Fassett (first one second row) and the dark green-ish AMH (first one of the fifth row).  I think I have enough blues and yellows and reds to keep me going for a while...

What do you think?


  1. My favorite is the third from the bottom, mixed up rather than paired. I think the colours would not need to change at all with this pattern. I marvel, at how much time you manage to spend in your sewing room, considering your jobs and family!

  2. Oh wow, how do you pick a favorite??? I love all the layouts!

  3. I love your blocks! I think I'm going to go with chevrons, but mix up the blocks so that they are not with their original pair. I'm glad everyone in the group seems to love this block as much as I do! Blocks with endless possibilities are my favourites.



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