Sunday, 18 January 2015

Not bad for a week-end

I've had one of those weeks: the common cold has been making itself at home in our family and the energy levels have not been at the highest.  Thankfully, we did not have too much on the go, and I was able to find some time to quilt.

My biggest victory of the week-end: After weeks, months, years, three to be exact, this quilt is finally hand quilted!

As I have shared before, because the quilting goes in all directions, I had devised a system to keep track of what I had left to do, on a spreadsheet.  Every so often, I would update the spreadsheet to motivate me.  Only 250 more squares!  Only 30 more hours!  Only 123 squares!  Only 12.5 hours!

After I quilted 8 squares today, I sat down to update the chart today, and realized I only had 3 more to do.  I made quick work of that and finally, finally I can call this "beast" done.

Well, it's not finished yet, but it might as well be.  All I have to do is sew the binding on it and it's my very favourite part.  I am not going to rush this... I am going to savour the moment and finally enjoy working on this quilt again.

And speaking of  old, languishing projects, I found these unfinished blocks the other day...

These are paper pieced (not sure what I was thinking) and the white bits are actually the paper background.  Well in one evening, I had 6 more made.  I trimmed them, removed the paper, added the white corners and assembled this top:

It only finishes at 32", so I will add a white border all around to make it a useful crib size.  There was snow outside and a little bit of light left, so I thought I should do a quick photo shoot...

I even had a willing volunteer to act as a quilt holder!

Looks like NOT making lists is the way to go if I want to get stuff done...

Hope you had a nice quilty week-end!


  1. It's such a great feeling when you get the quilting done! Can't wait to see the finish quilt. I love your scrappy little quilt top too!

  2. Super cute crib quilt. Can't wait to see the finished hand quilted quilt. Beautiful colours.

  3. Glad you are finished up your handquilting project. I know what it is like to have a project languish. I have a quilt that I started to handquilt in March of 2013. You have inspired me to get back at it.
    Love the crib quilt!

  4. So. Much. Handquilting. What an accomplishment... savour every minute of putting that binding on! That's one of my fav parts too. And the rainbow foundation pieced blocks look lovely!

  5. So excited for you that you are rounding the finish corner for your hand quilted magnificence! So fabulous! and I love your little baby rainbow - excellent. I love that block. I did that block in a bee once and it was really fun and a great way to sure scraps!

  6. How exciting to get a long-term project finished!! I hope you enjoy every stitch of the binding process :o)

  7. Woohoo on the big (almost) finish! And I love those scrappy blocks - very cheerful for a baby quilt!

  8. Congrats on the amazing finish! And that little scrappy quilt is beautiful. :-)

  9. That's awesome that your hand quilting project is done. Congratulations!!!


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