Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Makes, Part 1

Hello there!

While everyone is posting about their New Year Resolutions, I am just catching up posting about my December production.

First, look what I made for my Guild's ornament swap:

Here they are in their normal habitat...

And what do you do when the wrapping paper (and scotch tape) is nowhere in sight but you have a whole lot of brown paper?  Why, you sew it, of course!

No, I did not make all of these... they are some of the ones that were exchanged and I got the nice little green stocking on the middle left side, made by Jeanette.

And now for gifts... First, I made this bag - special request from my husband to carry his dice to weekly Dungeons and Dragons games... (you read that well...don't ask!).

I especially like the quilting on that:  I just followed the fabric.

My husband had also requested a bag to carry his electronics when he travels: ipod, various chargers, extra headphones, etc.  Up to that point, he had been using a Ziploc bag...

But what started as a simple bag transformed itself into a fully fledged toiletries bag! It does not look like much from the outside, but do not be fooled...

... the inside is where it is all happening.  Ta-Da!

I am not going to lie, this took much longer than anticipated and was actually quite a pain to make, but the result was worth it.  I especially like the quilting in the green and gray fabric.  again, I just followed the design of the fabric.

Of course, this was not what he had asked for... He still needed a simple bag to replace the Ziploc... so I whipped up a zippered vinyl pouch.  Too easy!

Seems like I made a number of other items: lanyards, zippered pouch, tea wallet...  I am going to save some for a future post.

Did you make some of your Christmas gifts?


  1. Wow, so many beautiful gifts! I'm very impressed with the 'toiletry' bag, Dom. He's a very lucky man! I didn't do much in the way of handmade gifts this year. Maybe next year. :)

  2. Great toiletry bag and dice bag.

  3. I just love the bird ornaments. Lovely addition to a tree,

  4. I can't believe you made that toiletry bag! Too cool... and you're right, the quilting on the grey & yellow bit is wicked good! I haven't been brave enough to make a bag that's all vinyl... I keep worrying that my presser foot will stick. Did you have any problems with that?

  5. Those are some great bags, I bet your husband was thrilled! I especially love the dice bag! :-)


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