Wednesday, 21 January 2015

housekeeping stuff and one quick quilt

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Pardon the funky codes above, I am "claiming" my blog on Bloglovin.  I am about a year and a half late jumping on that bandwagon...

Since it would seem wrong not to have a quilt on a blog post, I present to you a quickie that I made a couple weeks ago:

Nice print on the front, solid flannel on the back, sandwiched with a nice thick-ish batting and quilted along the natural lines of the fabric. You can see the texture really well on the back.

Now, I have another handmade gift ready for an occasion where a pieced quilt is not necessary! 

I must say I am a bit reluctant to call this a "quilt" and I tend to use "blanket" for these types of (insert appropriate term here) because it is not pieced.  And the term "whole cloth quilt" would seem more appropriate for some handquilted heirloom.  Not sure.  Would you call this a quilt?


  1. I think the definition of quilt has more to do with the layers being laminated together with stitching that it does with piecework. No matter what you call it, it's lovely... that pink flannel backing looks very snuggly!

    P.S. Yay to you for claiming your blog!

  2. You claim it, girl! Lovely quilt (or whatever you want to call it!) -- great colours!

  3. It's a quilt! You quilted it! So pretty! Great idea to have something on hand for when a gift is required.


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